• Katy Perry gives good performance and advice at DNC

    Katy Perry typically gives a crowd-pleasing performance and almost always looks stunning. Her appearance at the DNC was no exception. She also provided a few words of wisdom to all attendees, regardless of whether they supported Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. She told them to keep an open mind and vote.

  • She did fine

    For what her performance was supposed to be, she did just fine. The night wasn't about her, it was about cheerleading for the Democratic party. She sounded great, but everybody sounds great when the entire convention is just a big circlejerk about how wonderful you are. I'd rather see some real action from Perry instead of speeches.

  • Yes, Katy Perry made a good impression at the DNC.

    Yes, Katy Perry made a good impression at the DNC by encouraging citizens to vote and make their vote count. The singer and pop star used her status as a celebrity to empower women and reaffirm the strength of a woman candidate, such as Hillary Clinton. Perry used both humor and sincerity to express her support of the democratic party.

  • Yes, Katy Perry filled the stage with enthusiastic support at the DNC.

    Yes, Katy Perry made a positive impression when she spoke and sang at the DNC. In her own unique way she entertained while endorsing the candidate. Perry has been a strong proponent of female power over the years, so she was a good choice for performing at the DNC in support of Clinton.

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