Did Lance Armstrong deserve to be banned from the sport of cycling and have his titles stripped?

  • Yes, you cheat you loose.

    Lance armstrong cheated. That's all the argument you need. If someone were punching me in the face I wouldn't like it and I would stop it. That's what cycling did...they didn't like him cheating so they stopped him. If Lance Armstrong wants to bike competitively he is free to do it. He will just have to fund his own association, build his own tracks, support his own races and do it all himself.

  • He refused to come clean and cooperate

    His titles should have been stripped due to the coverup and the fact that he cheated during all of them. He deserves to be banned for life because he refused to cooperate and name names in an effort to clean up the sport. He epitomized the attitude of lie at all costs, attack innocent people, and only tell the truth when that's what will give you the best possible outcome.

  • Yes, his drug use was unfair to the other cyclists

    He took illegal steroids while cycling on the Tour de France which gave him the ability to win. If he didn't use the drugs then the person the came in second could have won first place. And he claimed he was using the drugs for his testicles but the drugs were illegal so he should of just went to the doctors and got a prescription instead of taking matters into his own hands.

  • Worst cheater in the history of sports

    The evidence is overwhelming that not only that he cheated, but he coerced others to cheat as well. He duped the world by his lying insistence, then "gave up" the idea of fighting it when the poo-poo started hitting the fan. No, you can't undo that he won the race, but you can take his name out of the records. It is a shame that it came from someone who overcame the obstacle of having had cancer, but that does not justify cheating. I am sad to see what a high percentage of people condone this.

  • Voted yes, changed my mind


  • Definitely Not.

    Give this guy a break. What happened to guilty until proven innocent? He has not tested positive so why ban him now??

  • Lance Armstrong did not deserve to be stripped of his titles and medals nor did he deserve being banned from the sport of cycling.

    He had taken the most drug tests for any cyclist ever. He never tested positive once. The "admission of guilt" was absolutely false as Lance Armstrong just stated that he was tired of wasting money on the lawsuit. The medals and titles were rightfully his and there was no conclusive evidence that he was on drugs.

  • Never Tested Positive

    He still has yet to test positive on a drug test

  • Not enough evidence

    There was not nearly enough evidence against Armstrong to ban him and strip him of his titles. From what I understand, he peed clean every single time.

  • No he is a awful role model

    Some of his followers may have have thought ,after he confessed, that got mad and sad. They might not want to have him as a hero after that. That's way I say he is a good role model.And then he lied about it for 7 years and when some one said that they would tell that he is cheating he would bully them.

  • Innocent until proven guilty.

    There is tons of evidence on both sides of this argument, but neither side has enough to prove, without a doubt that Lance Armstrong took performance enhancing drugs. He may have been very genetically lucky and trained hard, or he may have taken performance enhancing drugs. It is a bout of personal opinion, until he is proven guilty we should not strip him of his titles.

  • The call on the field stands "Touchdown."

    Cycling is one of the few sports where win/loss decisions can be made after the end of the event. They should have been doing more in-depth testing during the events and after each stage. If you got away with cheating-lucky you, if not--busted you're out of here. Could you imagine the uproar of a ref reviewing a play after the Super Bowl and deciding that was a bad call and reverse his decision and taking the win away and giving it to the other team? Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer and he said "Hey I clocked you speeding last week and didn't stop you but here your citation anyways" I say test more--test harder--if we don't catch them during the race then the results stand and we'll have to try harder next time. Freezing blood and pee for years and years is insane. I stole a candy bar from a grocery store when I was 10, no facial recognition software back then, does that mean now with today's tech they can review the security camera footage, identify me and arrest me? I don't think so....get over it...he tricked us all and got away the ruling on the field stands "TOUCHDOWN". But I'll be watching him a little closer now.

  • Almost every cyclist had been doping.

    Sure Lance did dope to help him cycle but the fact of the matter is, a lot of cyclists have admitted to doping, even the cyclists in the Tour De France. Doping laws in general are not good because athletes are going to use performance enhancing techniques no matter what we say or do.

  • What ObiWan said.

    "Innocent Until Proven Guilty[:] Isn't that how it's supposed to work?"

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

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