Did Lance Armstrong use performance enhancing drugs?

  • Lance Armstrong did use performance enhancing drugs.

    Lance Armstrong did use performance enhancing drugs. It was wrong what we did to him though by taking away his medals and his ability to race again. Why was this done? To set an example that we will not allow drugs to be used. Good job America because guess what he is not the only one to use them and we will never get all the drugs off the street.

  • Yes he admitted to it

    Lance Armstrong has admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs so yes he did take them. It is sad that it took so long and so many accusations for him to come clean about the situation. What could have been a mistake and apology is now a never going to listen to another word you say.

  • Yes there is proof

    Lance Armstrong spent years fighting for his image claiming he never used any drugs. However the truth caught up to him and now we know both through evidence and his own admittance that he did cheat and use specific drugs to gain an advantage over his competition when he raced.

  • Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs.

    Lance Armstrong confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. Also, his team-mates told the media that he used performance enhancing drugs and gave details of how he managed to elude the authorities for so long. Lance Armstrong is a disgrace and he should be banned from professional sports for the rest of his life.

  • Armstrong Used PEDs

    Lance Armstrong finally admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs after years of denying such accusations. He took PEDs throughout his entire career and probably wouldn't have won any Tour de France titles without those drugs. With that in mind, he deserves every bit of shame he gets, including losing his titles.

  • Yes, Lance Armstrong did use performance enhancing drugs.

    Yes, I believe that Lance Armstrong did use performance enhancing drugs. Not only has he admitted it in some interviews, if you look at his past Tour De France victories, there is no way he could have possibly won all of them unless he was doping, as testicular cancer would have definitely affected him more profoundly had he not been on some type of steroids.

  • Armstrong Used Performance Enhancing Drugs

    It is very obvious that Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs while cycling. Many investigative reports have stated this. Former teammates of Armstrong have said he was cheating as well. One of them even wrote a book that talked about how and when Armstrong cheated. Armstrong cheated and should pay the consequences for his actions.

  • Yes, is it too big of a part in cycling for him not to.

    All the big names in cycling have used performance enhancing drugs, which makes me think that Lance Armstrong has as well. Although he has not directly tested positive for drugs, I believe the accusations by the boards that test athletes. He was far too dominant to not have used drugs to enhance his performance.

  • Yes, but if he does who cares

    I think there is so much drug use in sports, that we will never know the true extent of who uses and how much they use. But even if he did, if he didn't use a true illegal substance, I do not understand what the big deal is, I think he knows how to condition his machine.

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