Did Lindsey Vonn break up with Tiger Woods in order to focus on her skiing career?

  • Vonn and Woods Break Up Because of Skiing Carer

    Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have recently broken up. According to their statements, they are no longer together due to the fact that their schedules are conflicting and live very hectic lives with their sports. However, because of Vonn's increasing fame in her skiing career, it seems that she ended things to focus on herself and her career.

  • Who really knows

    I do not think that was a major factor in them breaking up. From what I heard they broke up because of their hectic lifestyles and that's very understandable. How can you really have a relationship if you don't spend much time together. So maybe it was in there best interest to separate.

  • No, When A Relationship is Good, Couples Compromise

    I do not believe Lindsey Vonn ended her relationship with Tiger Woods in order to focus on her skiing career. When a relationship between two people is fulfilling, those two people will make every effort to find a way to compromise on any issues that arise. I feel Lindsey probably had personal reasons to end the relationship, but chose to make a professional statement that did not hurt either party.

  • The real reason Lindsey Vonn broke up with Tiger Woods

    Earlier this week, Lindsey Vonn announced that she and her boyfriend Tiger Woods haven broken up. Vonn was in a relationship with the controversial golfer for 3 years, and despite the negative attention they seemed like a happy couple. That's why it came as a shock when Vonn and Woods confirmed that they were no longer a couple, leading many to question what went wrong. One theory is that Vonn broke up with Woods to focus more on her skiing career, while this theory is plausible, there are other issues that could be at hand. Both of them of are big celebrities with busy schedules and probably didn't spend enough time together. Another theory has to do with Tiger's wandering eye, the golfer's infidelity issues came to light in 2009 leading to the end of his marriage and putting a dent in his career. All these theories may or not be true, fans and the media will continue to speculate on the cause of the break up, but the truth is we don't know what happened behind closed doors, only Vonn and Woods know the real reason behind their break up.

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