• yes am not shocked!

    Dancing With The Stars to me is more of a popularity contest then the actual dancing. I am not surprised that he got sent home. It comes down to who has a bigger falling and I can't picture him having that big of one compared to some of the other stars.

  • Yes. Lolo Jones deserved to be voted off of Dancing with the Stars.

    Lolo Jones deserved to be voted off of Dancing with the Stars. Her performance was not up to what it was in the past. Also, when you have a show that is dependent on votes from the public, anytime someone is voted off means they didn't perform well enough to want the public to keep watching them. It doesn't matter how good of a dance routine you did, if they public didn't like it, they're not going to vote for it.

  • She didn't have form.

    Yes, Lolo Jones deserved to be voted off Dancing With the Stars, because I thought that her costume was flat. The black pants just didn't look like she was there to dance, she looked like she was there to run track. I thought Sadie Robertson did the best job and she deserved to go ahead more than Lolo.

  • Lolo should have stayed

    Lolo should have stayed. She is a great performer and others have done much worse and still stayed on. Sometimes I think Dancing with the Stars is a bit of a popularity contest. I think also the judges go along with how the audience feels many times because they don't want to be boo'd by the people.

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