Did London learn anything from Vancouver about hosting the Olympics?

  • They helped with security.

    Yes, London learned a great deal from Vancouver about hosting the Olympics, because Vancouver did a good job providing logistics and security. Vancouver also taught London about hospitality, because Vancouver taught London a great deal about how to host nation states while showing off the things that are there to celebrate in the home country.

  • hosting the Olympics

    I personally agree,What London should learn from the Vancouver Olympics is that whilst the Olympics is a very competitive game amalgamation, a party and fun loving atmosphere really set the proceeding alight. The games should not be seen as serious or too empowering. It should be revealed for what it is intended traditionally to be; a form of entertainment.

  • Yes, I do believe London learned something

    When dealing with the Olympics, there are usually many controversies involved like LGBT rights and other sensitive topics. Vancouver serves as an example for London for what is involved when hosting the Olympics. How to handle a situation, the costs involved, the promotional effort, etc. There is a lot more to consider than you would think. How are you going to house the contestants? What about the energy costs for hosting the event? What if they treated a controversy the wrong way? London can learn what and what not to do when handling the Olympics.

  • Not at all

    No, since nothing bad happened during the Olympic games at Vancouver, there was not a lot to learn from it, that was not already known by the nations as it was. London did not need to learn anything from Vancouver, since they already knew how they needed to run them.

  • London Had To Figure Out Things For Itself

    London didn't learn anything. Hosting the Olympic Games -- even the winter ones -- is an epic task for any city. Each location is slightly different, and they games have to adapt to that city. Even more, London is one of the largest and most busiest metropolitan centers in the world. Their games posed unique challenges.

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