Did 'Lone Survivor' the movie spark patriotism in your heart?

  • Lone Survivor - Superb Movie

    Watched LS at the UA Market Fair Stadium 10 in Princeton NJ late last night. Superb movie, allowing the viewers to experience the sensation of almost being in the fire fight with Mike, Marcus, Danny, and Axe. Plus, the extremely tight bond between the SEALs of this team was keenly evident. The SEALs’ resolve to “never quit” along with Muhammad Gulab’s honor and sacrifices were paramount to the bittersweet outcome, thereby instrumental for Marcus’ account to move from a written to a cinema memorial. Marcus’ mission is a success - we’ll always remember his brothers who sacrificed their lives so that their story could be shared with millions. The patriotic communities of our nation, along with the villages of the Afghanistan freedom fighters, are going to have a difficult time finding better modern day role models.

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