• Yes, Ludgar Sylbaus deserved his fame.

    Yes, Ludgar Sylbaus deserved his fame because of what he represented. He was a very powerful man at the turn of the twentieth century and stood up for what he believed in. He also had many talents, which helped make him famous. Today, fame can be acquired by money instead of talents.

  • Yes, Ludgar Sylbaus deserved his fame.

    Yes, it is my belief that Ludgar Sylbaus deserved his fame because he worked hard for what he earned. He earned a lot in his time, and it goes to show that if you work hard, you deserve to be comfortable. A lot of people might disagree, but if you put in the work, there should be rewards.

  • If thr question is referring to Ludger Sylbaris,he definitely deserved his fame.

    Ludger Sylbaris gained acclaim while touring with the Barnum and Bailey Circus as the only survivor of a 1902 eruption of Mt. Pelee that wiped out his entire village of St. Pierre on Martinique. He was saved by being imprisoned the night before for either fighting or for killing a man, depending on the story. His cell was poorly ventilated and partially underground, so he was able to survive the intense heat and toxic gas that killed everyone else in his town and flattened all other buildings. Rescuers discovered him after hearing his cries three days later.Barnum and Bailey featured him retelling his "Doomsday" survival story. He was also the first black man to be featured in the circus, so for these reasons alone, he deserves his fame.

  • Yes, he did.

    Yes, Ludger Sylbaus deserved his fame. Whatever way that a person achieves his fame should not be a great concern, and anybody can be famous. We can't determine who can be famous by who they are, as long as they have something unique then they deserve to be famous or earn fame.

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