Did Manti Te'o use his girlfriend hoax to hide that he is gay?

  • It Is Very Possible

    Manti Te'o comes from a pretty conservative background and goes to a very conservative school. Being on the football team, he was probably surrounded all day by the 'typical' ideas of masculinity and maleness. This whole strange incident with the online girlfriend who ended up being fake was probably a way for him to try to be accepted by his peers.

  • Yes - Manti Teo is in the closet

    Manti Teo is probably gay. He used his "girlfriend" as a cover-up for his inability to come out of the closet. Actors and actresses did the same thing in the past. A male actor would marry a woman to cover up that he was gay. Unfortunately, this kind of thing only happened back when Hollywood was young. Today, such a cover-up is ridiculous. What's even worse, Manti Teo lied about her being dead. To make matters worse, perhaps he was hoping to get the Heisman trophy with some pity from the voters. Manti Teo needs to have a better cover-up for being gay. And maybe he just needs to come clean and be hones with fans.

  • No, I don't think we should speculate.

    It's really not appropriate to speculate about his sexual preferences. If he did try to hide something about himself he really didn't need to. He is an athlete and no one expects him to have a public relationship if he doesn't want to make it public. He could have tried just being a good athlete and kept his private life private. I feel sorry for him if it was a hoax that he knew about and was perpetrating for whatever reason because he could have just relied on his athletic skills to make a name for himself.

  • Obviously

    It is painfully obvious that the truth is not was is being said by him. I believe we will learn later on that it was a plot to hide the fact he was gay so he could carry on with his life. I believe that he may have a long distance relationship with his high school friend who had a girl that helped him be a "beard" for Te'o. That explains the female voice on the phone calls and him being able to have photo proofs of the girl.

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