• Rubio has been thirsting for success ever since

    Marco Rubio was never going to be President of the United States of America. His bubble of popularity was going to eventually pop anyways, but the "water moment" made it happen sooner rather than later. It revealed him to the nation as the amateur he is and he has not recovered and likely never will recover his stature as a serious politician.

  • No it did not

    When the United States of America senator Marco Rubio took a strange move to get some water it did not end his career. For one to think that it would end someones career is almost silly to even think of. Bigger things take place that end ones political career than this.

  • No, Marco Rubio's "water moment" did not break his political career.

    I do not think that Marco Rubio's "water moment" broke his political career. I think that such a claim is a silly one. I think that it was a moment that was only hyped up by the media for comedic and political reasons. I think that peopel will judge Marco Rubio on more things than just a moment.

  • It was silly.

    No, Marco Rubio's water moment did not break his political career, because the democrats were just looking for something, anything to pick on, because he gave a very good rebuttal speech. It is silly to think that someone wouldn't be wanted to be president because they took a drink of water. Keep trying, democrats.

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