Did Margaret Thatcher's policies make the world more unequal?

  • She answered this herself
    She said it herself, the gap is bigger, but everybody is better off. The rich are richer, but the poor are also richer. Margaret Thatcher's classic moment where she explains that everyone has benefitted from the economic reforms, even if the gap between rich and poor is wider. She explains that the liberals effectively would rather the poor be poorer if only the gap could be smaller, because the rich would be less rich.

  • Thatcher's policies undermined economic equality.

    When Margaret Thatcher implemented policies to fight unions, privatize national assets and services, offshore manufacturing, and promote the financial sector as a preferred domestic industry, she set in motion the factors that lead to extreme disparity from capitalism. The fortunes made in the banking and international capital markets combined with the lower paying jobs as a result of de-unionization, privatization, and manufacturing closures are exacerbated by lower job security, higher education fees, and increased transportation costs as a result of her policies. In addition, she created a blueprint for implementation of many of these policies in the United States under Ronald Reagan, and (to a much lesser extent) Brian Mulrooney in Canada. These policies have led to the gutting of the middle class in these countries, and the expansion of the Military-Industrial Complex that led to the Iraq War.

  • Thatcher was a brutal conservative.

    Margaret Thatcher was a draconian conservative politician. Looking back at what some would call her reign of terror, Mrs. Thatcher seemed to be a blend of Ayn Rand and the same type of loony brand far-right American conservatives wave. She seemingly hated entire demographics of people, and didn't care for the poor.

  • I don't think her policies make the world more unequal.

    It's actually quite the opposite. I believe that her policies make the world more equal, if nothing else. She is changing the way the world is functioning, and her policies are going to make it so that everyone gets along and appreciates one another. This is the opposite of being unequal.

  • Margaret Thatcher’s Policies Made the World More Equal if Anything

    Only three other British Prime Ministers even came close to leveling the influence Margaret Thatcher did, both on England as a nation, and the world as a whole. To insinuate her policies, and therefore her legacy in some fashion, made the world more unequal would be without any basis for intelligent support. Although at times controversial just by her nature, and unfortunately occasionally because of her gender, the lady put forth ideologies that will live on past her life, that was almost invariably in support of humanity as a whole. Her legacy and policies did more to promote “equality” than they ever did inequality.

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