• Yes, he is mentally unstable.

    Yes, Marilyn Manson had his rib removed, because there is a lot of evidence that he did. Manson said that he had his ribs removed. Marilyn Manson is very mentally unstable, and has done a lot of very strange things in his life. One of those things was to have some ribs removed. Some people just can't be explained.

  • Yes he probably did

    I have heard many rumors about that and now I hear it on here so I would not doubt that it could be true because he has strange ways as far as I know and I would not be surprised if he did which is why I will not choose disagree.

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  • Yes he did

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  • I don't give a free ass fuck!!!!!

    I don't give a fucking shit ass yard bitch what Marilyn mansion did to his hellish body!! It's not my choice what a hellish devil boy does to his sexy hot dingle hopper in his body!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah agrg agh agh agh agh mhvthcffc fchfchg htc ghvhfchgc htcyrcjgc shitty fuckers you all be alive mm to be!!!!!

  • Yes he did have his bottom two ribs removed

    And the real reason for it was...He go them carved into drum sticks for his drummer as a birthday present. He does have some mental problems but its really not that serious. Im sure many of you have been depressed before or though about suiced. So as i said before its not that serious Lmao

  • Of course no.

    This has literally been disproven multiple times, where is anyone getting this rumor from? . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .

  • You guys are dumb.

    This isn't the first time this rumor has been used by artist. Prince was the first,Manson was merely copying him. If you listen to Manson talk outside of his lyrics he's actually pretty smart. He knew how to lure people into his weirdness, his name is a good exanple, Marilyn for Monroe and Manson for Charlie.

  • He's talked about this on several different occasions.

    If you watch a couple interviews, he's stated several times the rumor is not true. Once he said he had a wife for the purpose of oral sex and in another interview, he commented it'd be a waste of money since so many people were willing to suck his dick already.

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    I have a glass eye that fell out into my soup, my peeny got big and bent in half and got bread on the floor, but now that you ask I was 25 when I was raped , so hit me up on on bookface sometime and well go get so skittles, no manson did not get his ribs removed.

  • No he didn't

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  • No, Marilyn Manson did not have his ribs removed.

    If he did, he wouldn't be alive right now. And now, he's at the lovely age of 46. In his defense, I'd like to clarify that this man is an intelligent human being, far more intelligent than what most people would perceive, and this is but a pathetic gimmick used by the media to garner attention. The man I speak of has a brain working in perfect order, and he is not as mentally unstable as many might believe, and no, he isn't oversexed. Give him a damn break!

  • No, he didn't

    There are many rumors on the internet but he didn't. He isn't "mentally unstable" as I can see someone on here writes - try and watch some interviews with him you will be positively surprised. He isn't insane or anything as his image is. And no, he didn't get his ribs removed.

  • No, Marilyn Manson did not have his ribs removed.

    No, Marilyn Manson did not have his ribs removed. That is a rumor that was spawned by Manson being seen by police performing oral sex on stage at a concert. The police thought is was a man but it was actually a woman wearing a fake penis. Manson himself believes that's how the rumor started.

  • Marilyn Manson did not have his ribs removed.

    Although there was a popular rumor on the Internet that the shock rocker, Marilyn Manson had his ribs removed in order to perform oral sex on himself, this myth was debunked by several news sources. Manson advertises his brand of anti-social music with many such rumors which, in the end, are unbelievable.

  • An urban legend

    This is an old urban legend that still seems to gain some traction, as all urban legends tend to, but no, Marilyn Manson did not have his ribs removed. In fact, if you've heard anything weird about him at all, it's all untrue. He's a normal person who plays a character for an audience.

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