Did Matt Mitrione deserve to be suspended by UFC for his transphobic comments about Fallon Fox?

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  • I do not believe so!

    Every one has the right to voice his or her opinion. I can understand Matt Mitrione disgust when he found out that Fallon Fox is getting a sex change! I would be freaking out also. The UFC is known for tough men and women who train for years to become the excellent athletes for the UFC.

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    Matt Mitrione did not deserve to have an indefinite suspension for his remarks. I believe that Fallon Fox should have made a public statement in response to his comments, stating that despite her surgery, she has has had fights and continued to beat her opponents. UFC is about fighting and comments such as the ones he made should be considered as adding fuel to the fire where they end up battling it out.

  • Matt Mitroine Should Not be Suspended

    This is UFC fighting for crying out loud, not the international world ballet symposium, or some other venue where there is even the least sense of necessary humility, politeness, or political correctness for that matter. This is a brutal sport, fought by brutal people, and has absolutely no requirement to meet societies preconceived notions of what is prim and proper. This is a sport where one human beats the living daylights out of another, and someone wants to throw out the respect card. The sport by it’s own nature has no human respect, why should the words that come out of their mouths be held to any different standard?

  • Maybe, but no

    The reason I say maybe, but no, is because of one person in the UFC. The man himself, Dana White. Dana White flies into ridiculous tirades and is constantly demeaning people and cursing like a raving lunatic on TV and in radio interviews. If Mitrione gets suspended, then Dana White ought to be suspended.

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