Did Michael Sam use his sexuality to get ahead in the draft?

Asked by: 13millerd
  • No doubt about it

    Yes, he was never a NFL type athlete he was good in college but never good to go to the next level and he knew it. I will give him credit for finding away in but did it keep him.... NO... Even the cowboys did not want him which is truly sorry if the cowboys don't want you. But it was just a bad gimmick that played out to him being a fluke.

  • Did you watch the celebration?

    I do want to start with the fact that Michael Sam is a great football player. However, Michael Sam's celebration after being drafted told us all that we needed to know about him. From an impartial perspective, it was way overdone. On ESPN they noted that no drafted player had been part of a telecast sharing cake and frosting with their lover. Think about what the media would say if Tom Brady and Gizelle did what Sam and his partner did... I felt his drafting was much closer to a political statement than anything else. Nonetheless, I will keep my mind open and hope that he can ignore the media in the future to focus on football and a hopefully prosperous career.

  • Yes He Did

    Yes, if we are brutally honest, Michael Sam used his orientation to increase his draft stock, and to say he didn't is simply denying the obvious. Sexual orientation doesn't matter, but he used it to make himself a talking point. He wasn't making enough noise on his own ability, so he got himself some press another way. For those of you saying that press doesn't change football draft stock, I would tell you to ask Johnny Manziel what bad press did for him. Sam is a football player, and that is all that should matter in the draft. The gay community is right in saying that this is a huge milestone, and I think they are fully justified in that. However, the problem I have is that the NFL could have made this a non-issue, just like with Tebow. Instead, they have built this guy up to a poster boy, and if/when he fails to deliver on the field, NFL will drop him and face P.R. Backlash

  • Yes he did

    Michael Sam conveniently came out of the came out public in February which is right before the NFL draft. This then put pressure on the NFL to draft him or face the wrath of the LGBT. Which is normally a boycott by most of the gay community. Now if he had come out his freshman or sophomore year it wouldn't have been as big of a deal. Next if you look at his combine results you would see that he was an average player. There are hundreds if not thousands of average players wanting to be drafted every year. Also this got him a ton of media coverage saying he is the next Jackie Robinson, which would be a great feel good story except that it is a complete lie due to the following facts. Jackie Robinson was never drafted, when he signed with the team most opponents, fans, and team mates openly expressed that they didn't want him playing. I have yet to hear that from anyone. Last he got drafted and he is still whining because "he should have been drafted in the first three rounds." What does it matter? You make about the same money if your drafted in the second or drafted in the fifth. This shows he thought he would get special treatment for some reason that I can't put my finger on.

  • No, the act hurt him in the long run.

    It was over the top and might have just been the type of guy that he was, but calling attention to it creates an unwarrented media distraction. It made him news for things other than football, which would be fine if it was due to community service or outstanding academic standing. He decided to make himself the face of a controversial segment of the population.

    To many of us, a person coming out is not a problem. Unfortunately, the league also tries to cater to the wants of its viewers. They just don't enjoy players, like Tim Tebow and Michael Sam, that garner a lot of attention wherever they go, despite both of them being outstanding college football players.

  • No, unless you cant count.

    I mean they guy got picked in the seventh round as was number 249 out of 256. This is not exactly using your sexuality. If it is then he is pretty bad at using his sexuality. If he was using his sexuality, I would have expected a first round draft pick. Logical?

    But then I guess haters are gonna be haters.

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