• Minority Voters Determined the 2012 Election

    Minority voters delivered a decisive victory to the democratic party. Republican policies do not appeal to minorities, and minorities are the largest growing sect in the entire country. Their vote holds an increasing amount of weight, and they consistently shift the electorate in favor of republicans. The republicans must appeal to minorities or become an insignificant party.

  • Minorities Vote Makes Majority Win

    The presidential election had a rough beginning with a definite competition between the two contenders. The election year has seen many commercials, newscasts, and debates between the two candidates that have been highly heated at times.
    When election day finally arrived, people from all over the country, who may not have went out to vote in the past, finally had a true selection in candidates from which to choose. The minorities stood together and elected their president for the next term.
    This election was won by the minority vote, which showed the sheer strength of numbers--kudos!

  • Minorities Not Minorities For Much Longer

    One report with exit polls determined President Obama's votes came from just over 50 percent of whites. The rest were from minority voting groups. This represents a fundamental change in American politics and demographics. The United States, in 20 to 30 years, will no longer be a country of mostly whites. New census data from 2010 indicates minorities will become the majority. Republicans should have realized this before Nov. 6.

  • Yes I do believe minority voters determined the 2012 election.

    Much like in 2008, though maybe not to the same extent, race had a hand in the voting process I believe. There was a high percentage of black voters in the turnout once again, and I do think that their votes had a huge impact on the outcome. It didn't matter what else he did or didn't do, they just saw the color of his skin, and voted for it again. So I definitely think minority voters had a hand in determining the 2012 election.

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