• Yes, But He Screwed Up

    Mitt Romney had the contest in the bag from the get-go. Unfortunately, he made two major screw-ups. First, Romney had his speech about "47 percent" in Florida recorded and it was leaked to the Internet. Second, Romney's mobile app to mobilize voters and volunteers was untested until the day of the general election. The app overloaded the Internet connection his team was using in Boston and volunteers were lost as to which voters to get to the polls in key swing states. Romney was too arrogant to win the White House and President Barack Obama's traditional, grassroots campaign won a second term.

  • Romney had a chance but he blew it.

    I think that Mitt Romney had a chance to defeat Barack Obama in the 2012 election. The reason Mitt Romney lost that election is because the man was not true to his ideals. He ran against the affordable care act, but while governor of Massachusetts he implemented a health care program remarkable similar to the ACA. Voters saw this as the actions of a man who would do anything to get elected and were turned off by this.

  • Romney had a good shot, but circumstances outside his control were key.

    The debates on foreign policy, Superstorm Sandy, and the unfortunate mistatement about the electorate all were costly. Also costly was the fact that Romney ran in some states where issues swung the electorate in a particular direction. Most significantly in Colorado and Florida where a win in those states could have given Romney the election.

  • No he probably did not

    When it came to the election in 2012 in the United States of America Mitt Romney probably did not have a chance to become president. Barack Obama used his base and other factors to help him get re-elected in the United States of America. Obama showed what he will continue to work for the country.

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