Did Mitt Romney win the final Presidential debate?

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  • Romney lost the debate

    Romney was in over his head in the last debate on international policy, which happens to be an Obama strong point.

    Romney's worst night was the last debate he needed a game changer but instead projected a 1960's Nixon type image to the American public, looking sick and sweating badly.

    Romney was successful out of the public eye at Bain but trying to go toe to toe with Obama proved to be to much for Mitt.

  • Romney did not do enough to offer a credible rational alternative to President Obama.

    If Governor Romney was going to decisively win the foreign policy debate, he had to do more than agree with the president. While the governor did state over and over again that he would support Israel, he did not state that his policies would be anything different from what the president’s are. The overall feel that one gets from the governor is that he would more loudly carry out the policies that have become the standard for the US.

    Posted by: Turk
  • Obama hit back hard

    Obama was widely accused of being too passive during the first debate, so he hit back hard during this one, and the result was that he seemed to win it clearly. He caught Mitt Romney off-guard numerous times, and made statements that resonated with many people. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney was making stupid remarks about battleships. Obama did not win by a huge margin, but he definitely came out looking better.

  • No, but it doesnt matter anyways.

    The final debate was about foreign policy, foreign policy being the one thing Romney and Ryan horribly lack any experience in, while also being the one thing Obama has succeeded at. Romney had campaigned calling Obama the worst foreign policy president, even worse then carter, but during the debate Romney was simply agreeing to everything Obama had done so far. The only thing he differed on was expanding the size of the navy citing how since WWI it has shrunk, and Obama nailed him on it by saying that the US has also cut back on horses and bayonets. Obama easily won the last debate but for those who dont like Obama, dont worry, the last debate isnt going to change a thing

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