Did Mitt Romney win the first 2012 presidential debate?

  • Romney was able to prove

    I think that Romney came out with guns blazing. He was well prepared and knew what he was going to speak about. Where as our president was unable to figure out where he was half the debate. I think that Romney has come a long way, keeping quiet until the right time, and now is ready to show up

  • Yes.

    He answered all questions, unlike the con said. After his answer, he would do a quick jab. Obamas counters where weak and he seemed clueless. With no good record, he seemed confused. Romney tried to explain economics but Obama filed to listen. Romney gave facts and stats, Obama gave "ums" and "can we change the subject?". Based on the rules if politics, Romney won. In real debate, both would have lost as Obama actually dodged hard answers and Romney interrupted a few times. Romney won, by a lot. But didn't do a Reagan v. Carter win.

  • I didn't watch

    But fortunately, I was able to watch a fair and unbiased transcript of what I assume to be the actual debate ( In it, Romney took control, barely letting Obama get a word in edgewise. Obama's responses were short and inadequate, and Romney pretty much blew him away.

  • I believe so.

    Both had some pretty effective points, but I think Mitt Romney stayed on topic more, was more agreeable to the average person, and was able to defend his stance on his positions more than Obama was able to. Of course, in this situation there technically is no winner. But I believe Mitt Romney debated the best.

  • He Won Nothing

    I do not believe that Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate in 2012, because I don't think a majority of voters in the United States actually considered casting their ballot for the former governor of Massachusetts. Winning a debate means convincing people to vote for you, and he did not do so.

  • Obama Won

    Martianshark and alwaysmorethanyou wat are you all thinking Romney didnt even answer the question he filtered around it and he was very rude when he interrupted President Obama, but being the man he is he stayed patient and waited for Mitt too finish, so if you ask me I Know Obama won

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