Did Mitt Romney's 'Seamus the dog' incident have a substantial impact on voters' views of him as a person?

  • Yes, that alone could have defeated him

    The voters love their pets. So when Mitt Romney tied his
    family pet’s carrier, with the dog in it, to the top of his family station wagon
    and drove from Massachusetts to Ontario, he sealed his fate. Mr. Romney did
    build a windshield to protect the dog. But when it got diarrhea on the trip,
    Mr. Romney simply stopped at a gas station , hosed the dog and his carrier down,
    and drove on. Responding to PETA criticism, Mr. Romney apparently said, “My dog
    loves fresh air.” That alone defeated this candidate.

  • Yes, I think the Seamus the dog incident hurt him in the eyes of many voters.

    Many people became mistrustful of him after the Seamus incident became public knowledge. People started wondering how they could trust a man with an entire country when he clearly couldn't even be trusted with caring for a dog properly and humanely. Although I hadn't planned to vote for him for political reasons, learning how he treated his dog made me lose all respect for him as a person, and I doubt I'm alone in my feelings.

  • No, I don't think Mitt romney's Semus the Dog incident had a substanial impact on voters view of him.

    I think everyone makes mistakes like that once in awhile, I think that the media jumps on candidates running for office and it makes the news cycle for a few weeks but overall the voters end up forgetting about it and end up voting based on what politicians policies they agree with more.

  • I don't think so

    The seamus the dog scandal seemed to be swept aside by voters when deciding on Mitt Romney. Although it was a weird incident being reported, it seemed to endear him more than anything as he tells a sympathetic story about a family trip and accident with the dog. The fact PETA opposed him probably helped

  • I think it had an effect, but not a serious one

    This incident was only an issue in the current world of online social media and instant information. Anyone who was swayed one way or another by this minor incident probably was not a major part of the election process anyway. Romney had many more incidents that affected his campaign more seriously.

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