• Morsi did deserve to be ousted due to his involvement with terrorist groups

    In the summer of 2013, Morsi was forced to resign due to his involvement with radical muslims as well as his lack of progress with the economy of Egypt. During his presidency, Morsi was facing gas, power and economical issues although were originally an issue before his term. The media was also a big factor in his ousting as he was constantly rediculed for his refusal of signing certain laws and bills which would increase the price of gas, taxes, food, etc.

  • No, he was a strong leader.

    No, Morsi did not deserve to be ousted from presidency, because, although he was a dictator, he was a pretty good one. Before Morsi was ousted, Egypt was a friend to the United States. This was very important because it was a good place to have a military base. It is unfortunate that he is gone because Egypt is no longer the ally it used to be.

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