• The CR-V is an Excellent Vehicle

    The Honda CR-V has been in the US since 1996 as Honda's entry into the compact SUV market. The CR-V is known for being a durable, reliable vehicle with a high safety rating and enough available creature comforts to delight almost anyone, all while maintaining a reasonable price. Because it is a compact SUV it gets excellent fuel mileage, making it an eco-friendly option, while offering the convenience of all wheel drive and ample cargo room. The CR-V has been at the top of its class for such a long time, it seems natural for it to win an award such as Motor Trend's SUV of 2015.

  • The CR-V Is More Efficient and Safer than Other SUVs

    I completely agree with naming the CR-V the SUV of 2015. The CR-V has better gas mileage and more room inside the vehicle than most SUVs, without taking up too much actual space. The CR-V also has a better safety rating because it's lower to the ground than many SUVs, making the families inside them safer.

  • Motor Trend got it right

    Motor Trend got it right, and they usually do. They consider all kinds of factors when it comes to assessing the quality and grade of a vehicle for its category. The CR-V was the perfect pick for the SUV of 2015 category. It will be interesting to see the exact breakdown of why they chose it as well.

  • Honda on Top of the Trend

    Yes I believe Motor Trend got it right by naming the CR-V the SUV of 2015 because Hondas are incredibly popular and one of the most reliable cars of all time. This car specifically is spacious, sturdy, reliable and efficient. It is a great car for families and traveling. It deserves to be the SUV of 2015.

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