Did Mumford and Sons deserve the 2013 Grammy for Album of the Year?

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  • There were way better albums this year.

    I like Mumford and Sons, and Babel was a good album, but nowhere close to as groundbreaking as other albums released in the same year. Channel Orange, Lonerism, and other albums went far beyond Babel's reach. They both broadened the musical horizons in ways that Babel could not hope to achieve.

  • No, the album was dreadful

    By far the Black keys should have won that, for about ten years the Black keys being two people have put out a good 6-8 albums and have shown us that rock is still very much alive in today's music industry their music has a good beat and guitar the lyrics aren't completely random and have good tone their music is very similar to ZZ top Mumfort and sons have 1-2 hit songs the big one the cave an ok song but after that the music is repeated in sound their music cannot even compare with The Black keys.

  • Not in the slightest

    Babel was a very average album where most of the songs followed the EXACT same structure. Quiet, then anthemic chorus, then quiet, than even louder anthemic chorus. All other nominees were much better ALBUMS (from front to back) than Babel. Especially Channel Orange and Blunderbuss, two albums that consistently changed from track to track while still maintaining a feel throughout their entirety.

  • Not enough variety in Mum ford and Sons' music

    I',m not saying that the mumford and son makes bad music and they may have well deserved their first Grammy for album of the year but this year I don't think it was right to give it to them again. Babel sounds very similar to Sigh no more but without gems like Little lion man. They're were other artist this year who put so much effort into making heartfelt music with much more variety than Mum ford and Sons...that in my opinion should have come away with album of the year.

  • No

    No I don't really think so. I didn't find their work that interesting really. I mean that is my opinion and all, but I felt that there were plenty of other artists out there that did better work and deserve to be recognized. It makes me lose faith in the Grammys, seeing stuff like this.

  • They Did Not Deserve It

    I do not think that the album that Mumford and Sons released was worthy of winning. Album of the Year at the 2013 Grammys. It was a really good album, but there were other artists that I thought deserved it more than them. They had no place winning the award.

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