Did Napoleon Bonaparte reverse the goals of the French Revolution?

Asked by: Jelliminelli
  • One idea of the French Revolution

    One idea of the French Revolution was trying to get rid of an idea of a monarch that had divine right and Napoleon made himself emperor and while he didn't not say he had divine right, he didn't prevent the church from saying so either. He also did not help women's rights what so ever, the women went back to having no power. Even though this wasn't a major goal of the French Revolution, the women did try to achieve this during this time (f.E. The Women's Bread March)

  • Not most of them

    The French Revolution began with the main goal being the curtailing of the land privileges of the nobles, which was achieved by the newly established meritocracy of Napoleon. Additionally, Napoleon's Concordat with the Catholic Church allowed the peasants to keep the lands they had taken during the radical phase of the revolution. Lastly, voting rights had been radically expanded during the revolution, which was another one of the major goals. Napoleon did not reverse this.

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