• How can you fake something this big?

    They aired the moon landing in national television, so we all saw what happened. If we were deceived, then they must've had some good special effects back in the 60s to show the difference in gravity, the texture of the moon, and the loon of space itself. Also, would they spend millions of dollars to build a fake space ship and them dump it into the ocean with men inside? No, because that's stupid. They obviously went to the moon.

    Posted by: MZ
  • Actually twelve men walked on the moon

    The evidence that the Apollo missions actually occured and did land men on the mon is overwhelming. Video and audio recordings, thousands of actual participants in each mission and the used spacecraft are on display in several locations:
    Beyond this, why would any nation expend the enormous resources used in the Apollo program for nothing but a hoax? What woukld have been gained to make such a price worthwhile?

  • Of course they did...

    All conspiracy theories have pretty much been disproved and there is no real evidence to say NASA did not put a man on the Moon.

    And of course if it had have been faked, obviously the Soviets would have kicked up a massive fuss. How many watched Apollo 11 go into space? Just think of that...

  • Man did land!

    NASA did land a man on the moon. You may be thinking why in the picture above, the American flag is waving because the astronauts placed a wire in the flag to add an additional feature of it waving like in how the flag in during the war of 1812 still was raised and waving to prove them there.

  • Technology dictates: yes.

    First to say it: It is PROVEN that NASA did in fact land on the moon. The first moon landing for one was broadcast live on international television, and other countries would hate to admit it, but it is hard to argue about TV technology from 1969. In order to fake the moon landings you can go two routes; green screen, or a set. Green screening was NOT invented at that time. Now, the other one. A fake moon set would also be impossible to create. Now, figuratively I just told a lie but here's my evidence. The moon footage clearly shows the astronauts walking on the moon, and the only way that they could have done that is by hanging them from a spring or rope right? Well one problem, there is no rope on the moon footage, and that little line in the footage is roll film. Now the only other way to fake the moon footage is to take the footage, and slow it down. Well this was indeed possible back then, all you had to do was take film, and roll it slower, but there is one problem with that. You can't roll a film that much slower without showing the individual lines inbetween the film. So you literally cannot at the time fake a moon landing, it would have been easier ACTUALLY going to the moon, like we did. Nowadays, yes, it would be extremely easy faking a moon landing, but you can't tell those people who saw Apollo 11 launch that it was all fake now can you?

  • I watched every second of every minute of every thing during it all.

    The appalling lack of education in the country is an embarrassment to us all.

    The astronauts COULD NOT train, ANYWHERE on Earth for 1/6th gravity which is a findable FACT for the lazy typists among us.
    They went under water but water has weight.
    They invented the "vomit comet" but that is more for zero-g training and isn't very good. Go look at the old films, again, children, and comprehend 1/6th gravity and STFU

  • One of the more stupid conspiracy theories...

    You can fire a laser beam at certain coordinates on the moon where astronauts deposited small mirrors for experimentation, and the laser beam will reflect photons back to our planet. There would be no way to drop a small mirror from a high altitude above the lunar surface without it being destroyed or tumbling all over the place. It would have to be placed there directly by man.

  • The evidence is overwhelming and the technical difficulties nearly saw them not return:

    I and many watched them and tracked the mission from earth based telescopes, it was a bit hard to watch a studio shot fake with a telescope pointed into space.
    So we saw them leave, and return via such telescopes and we all knew that it was real, something we found it difficult to believe at the time, but it definitely was real.
    The analysis of the dust and rocks they brought back gave us a good insight into the structure of the moon's surface.
    Scientists would spend so much time examining these if they thought they were fake, scientists would have picked that up easily by spectroscopic analysis.

  • Obviously. To say otherwise is to prove your own ignorance.

    There is significant evidence of the Apollo missions: photographic evidence, returned geologic samples, etc. More direct evidence comes in the form of retroreflectors left by the Apollo astronauts on the lunar surface. By bouncing lasers off of these targets and measuring their response, we can both gain scientific information about the lunar orbit, but prove beyond any doubt that there are man-made objects on the lunar surface. Furthermore, we can measure the amount of fuel used by the rockets to reach the moon and do the calculation to determine that there is really no other possible destination for a rocket with that much fuel. Finally, consider how difficult it is for any moderately large group of people to maintain secrets, then consider how many people would have to be involved in a hoax of this scale. It is unreasonable to expect that no one has broken silence in the ensuing decades.

    Every argument propped up to support his ridiculous conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked. The Apollo missions were a triumph of human engineering, and everyone who thinks otherwise should be ashamed.

  • Yes of course they did

    Of course they did, you cannot fake something this big as it would have been exposed years ago. Along with the wire on the flag, they also placed a mirror on the moon which can be seen to this day if you have a powerful enough telescope. So there conspiracy theorists!

  • No america did not put a man on the moon

    It is all a farce, put up by america in an effort to beat Russia in the space race, the reason I believe this is because I don't believe the americans capable, further I believe that america lies constantly about everything in an effort to make them look like world leaders, even to the point of crashing plans into their own building, america is not to be trusted on any matter.... Fact

  • I am a Russian soldier

    I can say this.... They landed on the moon. When America landed on the moon the entire atmosphere shifted and rotated, shining a searing light on Germany, on the bed of the Jewish doom... I was part of it... And I can say that if american people did not land on the moon then we would not have even had to dest Roy people in Germany. I'm sorry for your losses... It was absolutely necessary due to the moon landing.

  • No records saved!

    NASA formally admitted that they no longer had the original copies of the moon landing video tape nor the audio recordings.
    Now, why would they delete such files?... Because once deleted no one can refer to the recordings and officially classy them as fake.
    If the were real, this files would be guarded till the end of times!

  • He didnt step on the moon

    If we have been to the moon surely we could go back.
    After the Apollo missions the US has chosen not to go back to the moon while other countries have not yet been, why did Russia not follow? And why has the USA stopped going to the moon if it can?

    Why crash a probe into the mood to see if there is water, after over 40 years of technological breakthroughs why not send another team with a drilling rig?

    Since we have the Hubble telescope why not simply take a picture to refute claims that the USA did not get to the moon?
    If there is no oxygen on the moon how was it possible for neil armstrong to take a picture of the flag unfolded. Without wind it would have obviously just stayed down

    the USA had every incentive to lie
    It was the middle of the cold war, the space race was on, indeed the Russians seemed to be winning, they were the first with a satellite into space, first animals into space, first mammal and first human into space.[[ America seriously needed to get the big one of a man on the moon for prestige reasons, even if this meant faking it!

    There are problems with the pictures
    1, The American flag seems to be flapping around as if it was windy, there is no wind on the moon

    2, there were two astronauts on the moon at a time yet you can see the 2nd in the visor of the first and he has no camera.

    3, there are no stars in the pictures, this is space, we can see stars from earth so why not the moon?

    4, the land the module is sitting on is reasonably undisturbed, the decent and landing with the firing of thrusters should have kicked up alot of dust and left a crater.

    5, Shadows look wierd, they are inconsistent, not always in parallel, some objects in shadow appear well lit.

    6, footprints are too clear

    7, there are mysterious reflections

    All Lies, The Sheeple Follow
    You can never convince me that all the technology in this world will not allow beautiful close up photos from the moon. But, they don't exist? That is simply because the moon landings were a lie, the astronauts never want to share their real experiences, not even Buz Aldrin who is the only astronaut to remain in the public eye, and much of what he says never really agrees or says that they really went to the moon. You can tell, he his covering for government lies and worst yet, he knows many things that are secret that he won't and can't say. Plus, they all have gone through a debriefing that erases much of their memory of what they really saw and the first this process was not fine tuned like it is now to erase the experiences from their mind. So, the real reason why there not good.

  • Where are the stars

    In most of the videos and pictures there are no stars. The pictures are taken in space so there should be stars. Also there is another thing in a couple of pictures there is what some people think is a letter C on a rock that they think they forgot to turn over or it could be a hair on the lens of the camera.

  • Technology was not advanced enough at that time.

    The Russians were "beat" by the USA because they simply couldn't do such a feat... Neither could America, but it was so easy to fake. Technology was limited and I believe "Area 51" is the real site of the "moon landing"- perfect studio to make a movie and than broadcast it live as history in the making. There are reports of people seeing even a soda can in one of the shots which was than taken out. America can't ever claim they faked it- can you imagine the protests and possible riots? Complete civil unrest, so it's all hush-hush and sweep it under the rug.

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