Did NBC come up with a winning season finale for The Good Place?

  • Yes, The Good Place had a winning season finale.

    I believe that The Good Place ended its first season with a good season finale. Shows don't always have successful first seasons, or end any season in a way that leaves it open to more seasons, but this show seems to have got it right. The finale leaves options open for another season, which in my opinion is a success.

  • Yes they did.

    Yes, NBC's writers came up with a good season finale for The Good Place. They are clever writers and the actors are funny. Audiences resonate with the show's premise and with the actors' chemistry. This connection gives the writers a lot to work with, and they came up with a great ending to the season.

  • The Finale Was Hysterical

    Yes, I think the season finale was hysterical and also set-up a lot of good stories that can be told in the next season. I really look forward to seeing what real Eleanor and fake Eleanor are going to face as well as what other shenanigans Jason gets the others into because his character is crazy and unpredictable.

  • It was shocking.

    Yes, NBC came up with a winning season finale for the Good Place, because it had a lot of twists and turns and it was very dark. Kristen Bell's character was on an adventure that had a lot of unexpected events happen in the season finale. The finale was interesting and it kept audiences glued to the television.

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