• They destroyed its legacy

    Netflix destroyed the legacy of Arrested Development by buying it. They clearly didn't know what they were doing and should have thought about it before they bought it. Arrested Development was seen as a great show, and whoever they hired to write the new season was just not a funny person. It was lame.

  • Arrested Development killed Arrested Development

    Arrested Development is simply not a very good show. It's poorly written, badly acted, borders on the disturbing and is simply not worth anyones time. It is endemic of the sad state television is in these days, which is that television is simply mind-rot crap that just serves to distract people.

  • Yes and No.

    While they did not do a good job on this season, it also was not terrible. Definitely could have been better, but it certainly did not ruin the show for me. There were a few funny parts this season, but overall, the original seasons are better. Although, to be honest this season did bore quite a bit.

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