Did Nicki Minaj step over the line with her new album cover for Anaconda?

  • Yes, Nicki Minaj has crossed the line.

    Nicki Minaj has definitely crossed the line with her latest album's cover, which features a back view of her crouching down in a thong. No doubt, this will shock and upset conservatives and feminists alike, because it's objectifying one's body (which will get at least some feminists upset) as well as in poor taste for families, especially if kids may seen it in the store (which will upset at least some conservatives). However, Nicki Minaj is known for shocking people, so she's likely getting the reaction she wants.

  • I believe that Nicki Minaj's cover on Anaconda is Lude

    I think that Nicki Minaj over exposed herself on the cover of her album Anaconda. Yes there was no full frontal nudity but it came really close and it isn't for children's eyes. This album will be intended for sale in multiple stores, stores where minors will be shopping and they do not need to be exposed to this. Besides some adults would not want to have to see that sort of thing.

  • Nudity is not appropirate for album covers.

    Nicki Minaj's near nudity on her new album cover is very inappropriate for an album cover. An album cover should represent the artist's music and creativity, and this just shows that she has no respect for her body. It's her choice if she wants to show off her body, but doing it on an album cover is just inappropriate.

  • The line is being redrawn... but not that far

    There really doesn't seem to be much of an argument as to why this album cover is acceptable. Not only is the blatant nudity totally unnecessary, it is offensive to many people. Album covers are out in the open for youth to view and something like this just shouldn't be.

  • It looks like a cartoon.

    The picture has been photoshoped so much it does not even look real. Yes she is in a thong but you not looking at her skin. It really looks more like she is wearing really tight spandex. It may not be appropriate for children but they shouldn't be buying anyway.

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