• I believe that it happened.

    I understand that people who aren't Christians will not agree with the Biblical account of Genesis.

    However, all of us can take a look back in history and see that the ancient cultures of the world have passed down from generation to generation stories of a flood and God's gracious love to save the human race.

    I believe that the Biblical account of Noah's ark and the flood to be true.

  • Of course it did!

    Noah's Ark is completely possible, rather it did happen! First, however unlikely it seems, Noah had omnipotent God on his side, supporting him. Furthermore, God sent Noah the animals to Noah. God, being omniscient, more than likely sent baby animals that would survive the whole journey, not require as much food or space, and who would live and reproduce beyond the ark, not an adult that would be past her days or birthing by the time she left the ark. Also, it would make sense that the animals who were on the ark were not each species, but rather maybe from every order or family, that would, depending on where they went, evolve (not in a Darwinian sense) into the many modern species.

    It is also good to remember the size of the ark, it was huge. 450 feet by 75 feet by 45 feet. The boat was not some little tugboat with giraffes poking out the top and animals crowded in, it was big!

    Ignoring many other points concerning the ark, it is perfectly likely, rather it did happen.

  • See the Ark with your eyes.

    The exact co-ordinates are 37 degrees, 21 minutes N., and 42 degrees, 17 minutes E.
    Please check the site below-

    In Bible, Noah’s Ark rests on Mount Ararat
    In Koran, Noah’s Ark rests on Mount Judi.
    Recent research has proved that Mount Ararat and Mount Judi is the same mountain (Cudi Dagh) that is located in southern Turkish border with Iraq and Syria close to the city of Mosul.
    Followers of Abrahamic Faith believe in Noah's Ark. If we add just the Christians and Muslims from the array of religions that follow Abrahamic Faith, it is more than 55% of world population and this alone tilts the table in favour of believers of Noah's ark. Now, if we add to this list a few more religions that follow Abrahamic Faith, say Judaism and Baha'i, I don't think even a giant arc full of Alien population denying Noah's Ark could influence enough to turn the odds...

    Believers could do well by remembering the Lord’s warning to mankind that Noah's Ark will exist till the end of days as a sign for men of understanding.

  • I believe that Noah was real. I believe what the Bible says is accurate.

    People will have different opinions on this particular topic, whether you are a Christian or an athiest, or a Christian who believes the flood was universal or local. One thing is certain, from the beginning of history, stories have been passed down from generation to generation from all walks of life about God/God's saving the world by means of someone else from a flood.

    I find it to be really fascinating that world wide there are stories very identical with the account given in Genesis.

  • Yes. Especially if you believe in evolution

    Look more than likely all species that exist today didn't exist in the time of Noah. Therefore, it would be possible. Why do people continuously judge the past based on current knowledge? The people of those times were not privy to the things that we know and have now so their concept of the world was quite different.

  • Just THINK about it

    Think how enormous an area must be to house every animal on earth, comfortably.
    Then think about the fact that it is on a wooden boat.
    Then think about how many climates and environments you would need to keep every single animal alive and healthy for 40+ days.
    Then think about the realistic chances of every animal surviving, to thereby breed and repopulate.
    Then think about getting all the animals off the boat and them then returning to their desired climate.

    ..........& so on. There are too many faults for us to even fathom together with this bizarre story.

  • It takes common sense to say no.

    Like the guy above, I find it absurd that two of every animal were on a wooden boat. One, they would tear each other apart because most are not as intelligent as us, no offense. Two, Noah was 900 years old or so, which is pretty biologically impossible. Three, how do you even build a boat that big, how would it support the animals? Four, TWO of every animal? As if two were enough to repopulate. Plus, think of the inbreeding.

  • Not very likely

    One person cannot build a boat big enough to hold that many animals, and how would you even get the animals? There's also the problem of why the tigers just didn't eat noah, or just kill each other leading to extinction, plus the weight of all the animals would have cracked the wood, leading to flooding.

  • Nope, Highly unlikely.

    Unless Noah had a DNA bank, I don't see how it is possible at all. Or a Tardis. Would like to have that pocket dimension tech, a little weird if it only requires wood though, but oh, well, what do I know. There is a point in history however, where a catastrophe happened and reduced humanity to approximately 2000 individuals. But it was no flood, a super volcano went off and blocked the sun.

  • No, it's scientifically impossible.

    The best wooden shipbuilders in the world built a ship that was about 2/3 the supposed size of Noah's Ark. It twisted and eventually broke apart when it was out at sea due to the fact that it was too big.

    Noah would have to fit hundreds of thousands of animals and millions of insects on the Ark. He would need millions of pounds of food and water and he would need to keep it fresh for many weeks. And make sure that they didn't kill each other.

    The boat would have risen higher than the tallest mountains, many of the animals would have frozen to death or asphyxiated due to the cold temperatures and high altitude.

    The mixture of salt and fresh water would have killed many, if not all, of the sea life on Earth.

    After the flood they wouldn't be able to effectively continue each species. You need at least 40 different members of a species to effectively continue it. There would be many genetic mutations and defects.

    Noah's Ark could not have happened. It's too scientifically inaccurate and practically impossible.

  • How could it be possible

    How could a man without Industrial Age tools create a boat big enough to hold a pair of all 1,589,361 species in the world. And even if he could do that how would humans repopulate the Earth? Since he only took his family the only way to reproduce would be incest. This story like many in the bible are highly unlikely to be true.

  • No way No how.

    There is no evidence for it and plenty against it! Too may animals, Too little space, Too little animals for repopulation, Too little time for mass migration without any evidence. Too many plot holes in the bible, too many variations on how it may have happened or what really did happen such as: animal "kinds", A flood only in part of the world, many diffrent boats, gods magic, etc.

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