Did Novak Djokovic throw his championship Wimbledon match against Andy Murray?

Asked by: Bdrake
  • It is possible

    This is going to sound like a conspiracy theory and maybe it is but there is a definitely a good chance Djokovic threw his match against Murray in this year's final. Think about it, the UK desperately wanted a champion from the home land and Murray fit the bill perfectly. It is said that Murray winning will be worth about 50 million dollars to him over to course of this year through sponsorships and others endorsements. Djokovic on the other hand has nothing else to prove. He is the worlds number one, widely considered the best tennis player to ever live and other than his legacy there isn't much he would gain from a Wimbledon victory. Djokovic lost in straight sets and in my opinion he just seemed a little to comfortable with the loss. He was very humble and gave a glory to Murray showing no signs of frustration whatsoever. It just makes sense, is Djokovic was offered a substantial amount of money, considerably higher than the prize money for first place, http://www.Wimbledon.Com/pdf/Press_Release_Prize_Money_2013.Pdf
    It could be a win, win for both players. It's possible

  • Djokovic tanked Wimbledon

    I play tennis. I know what tanking looks like. It looks like your playing as hard as you can. When you're actually playing as hard as you can, it looks like its coming easy to you. When Djokovic played DelPotro he made most of his best shots look effortless.When he played Murry most of his worst shots looked like he put a huge effort into it. To me this looked "acted." I don't think he did it for nefarious reasons; I think he did it because he's a nice guy and just thought a Wimbledon win for GBt would be a great gift to Murry and the Free World

  • Yes for sure.

    $$$ Makes Tennis look good. You can tell when he doesn't get mad at himself. Nadal never would, Federer never would, but Djokevic for sure. He knows he still can win every tournament and beat any and all records. He has his tells, when faking it. Sure let Murray win, he will never catch me. Yes he is good, but he has no charissma. Beating his chest like an ape. What an ass. Show me another athlete who pretends he is gods gift to sport. A hole.

  • Dont be fooled.

    If you think it didn't happen, that Djoko "didn't" throw it to Murray, then you may also think it couldn't happen. But of course it "is" possible, therefore those that say that there is no way he could have, must to be deluded...Just as I could also believe that Murray won fair and square.
    So we Analyse - the play and players.
    One thing to look at (amongst many) - Djok was a happy man for losing - but not so Murray for winning - most odd - no ?

  • Looked way too comfortable

    I had the same suspicions. I don't think Murray was good enough to beat him. We all know who the top 3 male tennis players are and Murray is not one. If Djokovic was really trying he wouldn't have been composed after the game, just look at some of his highlights when he is actually playing for real.

  • LTA the BBC And WIMBLEDON wanted and executed this as soon as a Brit made the final

    To the vanity of the BBC and WIMBLEDON I believe if and when a Brit made the final provisions were made to make British television history ,how else do you explain NOVAK hoovering up every grand slam since and murray wins the Eastbourne open ? I beleive the real crime is the fact andy murray was made to feel like a great player when in fact he's just average at best - nothing more backs my opinion more than the fact andy murray winning sports personality 2015 ! WHY ? He was a player in a team who beat 7 unranked players and a 16th ranked player ,the fact the spoilt scot pushed his brother doubles partner out of the picture for more easy wins against unranked players ,then won sports personality ? Again obviously a strong BBC interest pattern here ,the fact that murray won that gong when it was a team effort shows the bbc at the worse for there vanity of saying look at us ,we have Wimbledon tenns and nothing else - sports personality award goes to the most watched across the world and inspires rising sports stars and yet more viewers tuned in to watch women's football after midnight than watch davis cup in the afternoon so it's fair to say no one watches davis cup nor do top players play it UNLESS your not very good and know it and your just ading to your CV list andy murray as the telegraph said a most unlikely tournament murray to be in !!!!

  • TENNIS IS 50% ENtertainment and 50% Sport

    I watch 3 hours of tennis a day on betting sites and tennis is a joke. In 2014 THe tennis Network panel all predicted that Genie Bouchard would be the breakthrough player on the year in January. I watched her matches and she looked nothing more than a player ranked around 30. Of course she has a great year.....Gets a cake walk into WImbledon Final only to get destroyed cause shes a fraud. Novak , Nadal and Roger are in a league of there own. Its not good for the sport if these guys win every tournament. Who wants to pay money for a match when you know who is going to win it. Same way Serena Williams loses sometimes when no woman on the planet comes even close to her. Wake up world, sports are about money and tennis is a travelling circus but you cn see the tanking now. There strokes are 90% defense trying hard to make it look like bums like Murray are in there class.

  • A political decision

    It was obviously tanked, everyone saw it on court and on TV. The level of play just wasn't real from ND and it was simply a gift. ND should be celebrated for sportsmanship on that occasion but instead he seems to be treated quite unkindly by the press. Quite a shame.

  • He did it, but not for cash

    He is rich enough, he did not need to get more money previously at USO or at Wimbledon, but I think he did it because of pressure, he wouldn`t feel good with this win at all, and I believe that he didn`t want to turn public against him, since he is not media favorite as it is. Imagine if he won in front of Royal family, the icy silence, and maybe some consequences as well (framing antidopping etc). Maybe he also felt generous toward Andy. But he showed he could win easily, leading each set and than letting Andy back after some very cheap mistakes.

  • Of course he did

    Novak felt sorry for his friend,who he grew up with through the juniors, he played absolute rubbish, so many unforced errors, any good club player could have beaten him on that day. Also he was tired after the killing semi. The draw was fixed, he was the first top twenty player that murray met in the tournament

  • I was heard that someone said that Murray was winning so far, and I believe in Andy Murray

    Djockovic always wins all the games literitally. And Andy Murray should win because 1 I believe in him, 2: He deserves it and 3: I am tirer of watching Djockovic always winning matches against Andy Murray Federer Etc. But this I think Murray should win so good luck Andy Murray

  • Silly silly silly

    Fixing in sport goes on a lot more than we know or suspect, but you're talking about much lower ranking players. Pretty ridiculous to think that anyone in the top 10 would do the same. I look forward to our friends on the other side coming up with analysis and arguments about how George Foreman "MUST HAVE" thrown the "Rumble in the Jungle" fight.

  • Pretty dumb question

    Of course he didn't. Did he throw the US open final too then? Djokovic did not play anywhere near his best - he had a bad day but in some of the finals Murray has lost, he has just not performed to half his ability either. It happens. The reason Djokovic and Federer are so great is that it happens very rarely. That's why they are great and it's absolutely outrageous that you're coming on here suggesting Novak Djokovic may have fixed a match without a shred of evidence. That is libellous.

  • Ludicrous idea lol!

    If you re-watch the match, you will note that Djokovic continues to play his heart out to the very last point....Otherwise why would it have taken Murray so long to finish off the last game? Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't get the fact that Novak is a seasoned, professional competitor...

  • No benefit needed!

    Why would any one question that tennis players can be bought and sold!!! If Novak did gift game to Murray then he deserves to have his No 1 ranking taken off him. I am an avid watcher of Murray playing tennis as for me he plays the most entertaining tennis. Murray can be frustrating at times when he isn't playing at the top of his game. I believe that once mentally he is over his back op then he will show us a more mature determined player who will win more grand slams on ability. Novak is a player who annoys me and at times I fast forward through his games. With players who he doesn't rate he will play like a cat with a mouse, he will let the mouse think he is getting away from him and then he will suddenly turn on him and easily beat him. May be that is why people think he let Murray win - open your eyes, he if was playing cat and mouse, this time the mouse won and deserved to!!!!

  • Stupidity at it's best!

    Andy Murray won. End of story. Why you people hate on Andy Murray is beyond me. He works extremely hard and is most deserving of every match and tournament he has won. Andy Murray in my opinion is the only reason to watch tennis. I believe without a doubt that some day he will be #1.

  • Is this a serious question??

    Embarrassing question to be honest!!!! Disgusting you think this is even a possibility! "Royal family compensated for his loss" wtf has it got to do with those freeloading muppets? If so why didn't Rog let Andy win at Wimbledon 2012? Or perhaps Rog let Djokavic win this year?? Novak to win in five sets, now that just might be worth a few quid!? Someone else posts "[Djokavic] widely considered the best tennis player to ever live"... He's a very good player, but "the best ever" not by any stretch of an over fertile imagination! Federer. Sampras. Borg. Nadal. Emerson. Laver. Willander. Sears. McEnroe. Tilden. Perry. Rosewall. Connors. Lendl. Agassi. All might have something to say about that! Murray just played better on the day.

    So he could win a few quid through his betting syndicate??

  • No, he lost fairly.

    No, Novak Djokovic did not throw his championship Wimbledon match against Andy Murray. No athlete would work that hard to get to that level and then throw the match. It is unfortunate that he did not win, but it cannot be said that the athlete threw the match on purpose. He lost fairly and did his best.

  • Never heard such nonsense!

    Djokovic lost the final for a number of reasons... None of which was throwing the match!
    Having lost in straight sets to Murray at the Olympics on the same court, the more tired legs, having played the long semifinal, the fact that the temperature was so high for the first time in the tournament.. All contributed to a lack of self belief that he could win a match full of long rallies, resulting in Novak trying to make the points shorter which ultimately cost him the match.
    Similar reasons in fact, as to why Murray lost to Djokovic in Australia... The tougher semifinal etc!
    Also Murray plays great on grass and was keeping Noel under constant pressure , which can and generally does result in uncharacteristic play... Especially where he knows what Murray is capable of. This match was lost in his head first and foremost.
    It is an insult to both players to suggest the title of Wimbledon Champion would not be fairly contested and earned. Neither player needs the money, neither gives an inch in matches, both are trying to win as many titles as possible to be recognised historically. That either would willingly throw any match, let alone the most prestigious title in the sport, defies belief.
    It takes a special kind of stupid to believe such nonsense... Or a special kind of prejudice.

  • The FREE world? WTF?

    I was gonna say yes, but now that I've read some of the completely moronic arguments for yes he threw it, I am gonna go with Hell NO! It would be a great gift to "The FREE World"?? WTF? First off, the phrase itself is highly offensive, considering the economic distress the millions of citizens of the so-called Free World have lived in for decades. 2nd, the cold was ended when these 2 players were TODDLERS, what would they care about these concepts? You're sounding like Romney who .... IS A BIG FAT LOSER! 3rd, How is Serbia now NOT a part of the same Free World? Then why would he GIVE anything to this "Free World"?? He would also be giving it to himself, if he won.

    The sheer arrogance of the idea that this "Free World" DESERVES a gift from anyone is PREPOSTEROUS
    Because this "Free World" is so angelic? And so good to the world? This demonstrably untrue.
    The West rains hell upon the rest of the world, and not just with drones and Tomahawk missiles. The West has invented the car, the mega city and the atom bomb, all of which will end civilisation pretty sooon. Thanks to the West world population exploded, and now we've reached the point where the earth can no longer sustain all the people. And it's not the Africans or the Asians who are the problem, no, it's the citizens of the "Free World"!!! The carbon footprint of a westerner is TWO HUNDRED TIMES bigger than that of an African!

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