Did Obama lie about being able to keep your DR. Or healthcare becoming more affordable?

Asked by: NelsonKnows
  • He's not stupid enough to not know what he was doing.
    Yeah, he hired Romney's guy to write the law. His people defended it in Congress as not a tax, but as a requirement to purchase a product. Then when it went to court, they defended it because it NOW was a tax, because they couldn't defend a law requiring a product be purchased.

  • Obama had to lie to get the ACA passed.

    The facts now show that he lied and continues to lie.
    It's a simple math equation that when compensation to DR.S is reduced you will have fewer of them.
    If you increase the demand pool (patients by 20%) and dont increase the supply pool (Dr.S) it's a VERY simple mathmatic equation that the availablity of Dr.S to provide care has been lowered.
    When you lower competiton in a free market prices rise.
    Obumer knew he was lying when he made his statement(s) and did so because he also knew the media was on his side and would not expose the truth.
    Empirical evidence now proves his assertions were and are wrong.

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