Did Obama make a mistake with the fiscal cliff deal?

  • I believe he did make a mistake.

    Obama and his voters always think they are doing the right thing, but in truth, not everyone can be right. I know this might sound like I'm being harsh and telling him how to run his job, but I'm not. I know being the president is the hardest job in the world. The truth is, not everyone is cut out for it.

  • No, Its not his mistake alone

    He might have made some mistakes in the process but he is not the only person who did. The republicans in congress love to play partisan politics. There are also the special interests involved. I can see where people say he made a mistake with the deal but you cant say he is solely responsible.

  • No, he didn't make a mistake

    He didn't make a mistake with the deal and he wouldn't care if he did. He was in a "win" situation no matter what happened. If anything bad occurs, he'll blame others, and if any good occurs, he'll take credit with the media gladly obliging. Meanwhile, no problems have been even close to resolved.

  • No alternatives

    You can only blame one man so much when he's working with a group of people that exist to say "no" to anything he proposes. We didn't get a great deal, nor a long-term fix, but he stood as firm as he could on what he wanted instead of folding to an opposition that the country agrees with less and less.

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