Did Ohio State deserve to win the College Football Playoff National Championship?

  • Yeah they should

    They the only team that can beat the undefeated Alabama so I can prove it because in the first college football playoffs they beat Alabama and then they beat Oregon and won the first college football playoff series so this is why I think Ohio state should win the college football playoff

  • Ohio State earned the National Championship.

    Ohio State deserves the win of the College Football Playoff National Championship simply because they played the better game and won. That is the metric used to determine winners; who played the better game and who had the high score when the time clock runs out. For this championship game, that winner was Ohio State.

  • Yes, solid effort by Ohio State.

    They are a solid team and did deserve the title over Oregon. They had a tougher schedule than Oregon this season and definitely outplayed them in the championship game. Dominating the second half of the game showed me their character and that they were a better team than the Ducks.

  • Yes They Did

    They played better than Oregon. The team is better put together and better in general. They have better tactics and mechanisms. They're destined to win, and they more than deserved to! They're unbeatable! Go Team! They played better than anyone else and I'm super proud of them. They've worked all season for this win.

  • Yes, Ohio State absolutely deserved to win the College Football Championship

    At the beginning of the season, if you had said to any analyst of the game or even serious fan that Ohio State would win it all, you surely would have been laughed out of the room. But now that the season is over, Ohio State has proven everyone wrong, and for this they are surely deserving champions.

  • They deserve to burn in hell

    Who wears red on a football uniform, that's the color of the devil, and i am 90% sure that i saw their quarterback heiling Hitler on the sidelines, most of the team did not pay respects during the national anthem, and after the game i saw with my locker room pass the whole team praising allah.

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