Did OJ Simpson kill his former wife Nicole Simpson even though he won the murder trial?

  • It is so obvious that he did.

    Even after that court trial that decided he was "not guilty", he was very surprised himself. He knew he did it. How, exactly, did they find him not guilty? His lawyers even knew that he was a murderer, which is upsetting to see because they remained on his side, although he should be locked up in prison.

  • OJ Simpson killed Nicole Simpson

    O.J. Simpson killed his former wife Nicole Simpson even though he was acquitted. Clearly the verdict to acquit was racially based. The evidence in the case was overwhelming, and wholly disregarded based purely and simply on a racial component. This case was a travesty of justice to the Goldman family.

  • O.J. is guilty

    I think OJ Simpson is guilty of murder, and I think the evidence against him is incredibly convincing. How he got away with it and won the trial is beyond me. However, I'm hopeful that the new evidence might be able to show the world that OJ is guilty of murder and should be put behind bars.

  • It Appears Tainted

    I watched the trial back in the day and there was no doubt during the trial and all of the evidence that OJ was responsible for the murder. The long Bronco car ride was also something that you couldn't help but think that he was hiding his guilt to avoid being caught. The new television show with this as the topic is one that I feel is going to show the new generation his guilt.

  • There needs to be a neutral Answer

    The reason I say this is I have no idea as to whether OJ Simpson actually did this. Yes, it can be argued that no one else was charged with the murder, but the murder case was never reopened after he was found not guilty. Which I feel was wrong because we have a dual murder here and no one paid for it, if he was found not guilty than why wasn't the case reopened.

    Now, if he did do it and there is always a chance he did do it, does he remember doing it. There has been much talk lately of athletes and head injuries. As many of us know OJ was a football player for years and no doubt sustained injuries to the head. Head injuries that go undetected can cause brain damage, look at what happened with Pro Wrestler Chris Benet, no one thought he was capable of what he did, but in an autopsy it was determined that he had severe brain damage. Not that I am trying to defend OJ here, but his first wife and even former sister-in-law talked about him having mood swings. What if he does have brain trauma that causes violent behavior, there is now documentation that proves this is possible.

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