• this seems to be very common amongst celebrities

    Paris Hilton's ability to get off easy on drunkenn driving charges comes as no surprise. Countless examples of celebrities being able to lead normal lives after criminal charges where normal people would be affected in a much larger wayjust go to prove this point. Hopefully it does not inspire future conduct like this.

  • She has a problem.

    Yes, Paris Hilton got off too easy after her DUI arrest, because she was a celebrity. Hilton should have been checked for drinking problems, and she should have had to undergo an alcohol assessment. We should have intervened with Paris Hilton now, because if we don't she might turn into Lindsay Lohan with all her problems.

  • All celebrities do

    For many people, a DUI is a major game-changer and sometimes the sort of thing that damages lives permanently. For the rich, powerful, and famous, it might get you plastered on a tabloid for a bit, but any publicity is good publicity, and a public apology later and they haven't served an hour of jail time.

  • Yes, She Did

    The sad thing about DUI's in the United States is the fact that most people get off too easy because the justice system has created a plethora of classes and such forth that brings profit when they catch people driving drunk. So instead of jail time, they get fines and fees, plus class time. I believe Hilton got off too easy, but it's not much different than the rest of the population.

  • Yes, I think Paris Hilton got off too easy after her DUI arrest.

    Unfortunately in society those with status and wealth can often buy their way out of trouble in ways that the common person who was caught for the same crime is not able to, I would like to see celebrities be treated to the same standard as everyone else but that is not the way that it works.

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