• Paul died and i can prove it

    If you play Sgt Pepper's albumn backwards and speed up the revolutions you will hear a conversation between English surgeon Phil McKelvy Sr. Speak of doing an autopsty on Paul McCartney and that he died on Aug. 1st. 1966 in a horrible hiking accident. Then he goes on to say he contacted Lennon and Harrison and they paid him several million to find a plastic surgeon to create a look alike who was related to the Queen's twice removed cousin. If you do the same with the Abby Road albumn you will hear the new Paul laughing and saying "You stooges buy my records even though I'm dead dead dead. No shoes - you lose!" This is repeated over and over. If you dont' believe me spin those records backward and get ready to be amazed!!!!

  • No, McCartney is alive.

    No, of course not. Paul McCartney is alive and well in 2013. The rumors about him dying are obviously not true. I don't understand how someone so famous could die and it could be covered up with a stand in. That seems to me to be nothing more than a wacky conspiracy theory.

  • No, Paul McCartney did not pass away in 1966.

    Paul McCartney did not pass away in 1966. He was born in 1942, and is currently still living. Right now, he's in his 70s. There is a conspiracy theory that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966, but this is just an unsubstantiated rumor. It's quite a difficult one to buy into, since the Paul McCartney of today greatly and distinctly resembles the original Paul McCartney, in a way no look-alike ever could. Also, it's widely known that this was a hoax started by college students.

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