• Only because Biden failed

    Vice President Biden was disrespectful and dismissive the whole time, whereas Paul Ryan was polite and coherent. What he said was not all factually correct-- and, I believe, far less accurate than Biden-- but, of course, the debates are not about factual accuracy. If they were, there would be actual fact checking during the debate. They are about presentation, and Biden failed to present himself in an appealing fashion.

  • No - Biden was too strong

    Paul Ryan, although looking and appearing confident and ready for action, was simply overmatched by Joe Biden. Biden brough his experience and relevant knowledge and anecdotes into the mix, aspects of leadership that Ryan simply has not yet attained. Ryan is going to be a great, successful politician down the road, but he was outdone in the debate.

  • Biden was a clear winner

    Ryan looked like a person that was over matched and uncomfortable in the spotlight.

    Biden dictated the tone and pace of the debate all Ryan could do was reach for more water.

    The line that played out in the media was Biden's remark " Oh now your Jack Kennedy " which caught Ryan flat footed.

  • He did not win

    I don't believe that Paul Ryan won because of the fallacies in what he was saying. Nothing in which he was saying was true, yet Joe Biden did not lie once in his whole argument. I am glad that Paul Ryan lost this debate because of this very reason. Also, Biden clearly didn't respect Ryan because he knew that what he was saying because it was all false.

  • No

    As an United States Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran, I am backing Joe Biden 100%. I saw Joe Biden laughing/interrupting congressman Ryan because he was full of crap and lies. Everyone knows that President Bush sent us to Iraq to look for weapons of mass destruction which were never found. Oh, and he was full of crap and lies too. That was his scare tactic and we have over two thousand of my fellow soldiers that didn't come home from Iraq to their families. So to all that think Joe Biden was interrupting Congressman Ryan, think about how President Bush interrupted the lives of so many Americans and Arabs. I think you guys should go crawl under something. Congressman Ryan and Mitt Romney aren't anything but an continuation of the lies that ran the U.S. during the Bush administration.

  • Facts and a Clear Vision Matter

    While Mr. Ryan kept his composure and was a gracious debater, ultimately the words he spoke and the message he delivered failed all intellectual tests. He claimed to want to leave Afghanistan, but left the conditions and date open. He claimed to want to give an across the board tax cut to every American, but failed to explain how exactly this would become debt neutral. He criticized the stimulus package of which he also took advantage. Ultimately, it was a fuzzy message, however well delivered.

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