• It is possible

    When some people voted fire Barack Obama in the United States of America presidential election they may of think that it was a mistake. However this happens a lot in elections in the United States of America as well as the rest of the world too. So it should not focus on just him.

  • Barry was the right man for the job

    Barack Obama was the right man for the job. Most of the problems that are attributed to Barack are in fact due to an intransigent congress. There hasn't been a president in recent memory who has had to deal with such obstinance as Obama has had to. The policies of Barack Obama will yield dividends in the years to come.

  • No mistake at all

    Why would it be a mistake? The alternative was Romney and do you really think he would be any better? Obama is doing fine despite the GOP trying to derail his efforts. I'd say that those who stayed home of the GOP base made a bigger mistake as the regret seems to lie with the right wingers and not those on the left.

  • No they didn't.

    No they didn't he has helped the stock market, He has given people a chance to be equal and treated equally by giving all Americans the chance to have Healthcare. He has helped all the US Automakers out. He is about the little guy who is working and can't afford everything he needs. He wants the wages to go up which needs to happen.

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