• Law enforcement at its Best

    The response to the San Bernardino shootings should make everyone in law enforcement proud. It was a strong show of force with military style enforced ram vehicles, semi-automatic weapons, and a coordinated effort. Those officers bravely stormed the building to help everyone hurt inside while also moving through neighborhoods to verify whether there was a third offender. The attackers were neutralized quickly and the carnage reduced by their quick action. All police departments should use them as a template to follow.

  • I think they did what they had to

    In a situation like this, it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback. In reality, it's very difficult to make quick decisions in a highly intense and stressful situation. I think the police did the best they could and attempted to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. I don't think they should be criticized.

  • Yes, police handled the San Bernardino situation effectively.

    In my opinion, it is sad that mass shootings have become so common that there needs to be an "appropriate" way to handle them. However I do believe in this latest tragedy in San Bernardino, the authorities were both cautious and aggressive which demonstrated good common sense and brought the best result possible.

  • Police responded appropriately to the San Bernardino shootings.

    Yes, police seem to have responded appropriately to the San Bernardino shootings. They worked together in what seems to be large numbers from different agencies. They addressed both the safety of the victims and hunt for the suspects well. Even the way they presented information to the media seemed to be appropriate.

  • The government failed the police

    If the government had gotten control of immigration and as they should have, the police could deal with normal crimes. Do atypical "Americans" snap and do crazy things? Absolutely. But immigrants' " normals" are outcrazying atypical "American" psychopaths. Quit bringing in immigrants. We are almost as big populationwise as the entire continent of Europe. We don't need more people. We need less. Let us repopulate with our culture, the culture that works. Outside cultures are being allowed to destroy our democratic culture instead of us being able to repopulate on our own and pass down our good and democratic culture. Why do we want more foreign ideas when it's OUR ideas that created this once beautiful nation?

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