Did Pope Benedict XVI do a satisfactory job in handling the child abuse scandal in Ireland?

  • I think Pope Benedict XVI did a satisfactory job in handling the child abuse scandal in Ireland, because he spoke up about it, as he should have.

    I am satisfied with Pope Benedict XVI's handling of the child abuse scandal in Ireland. The Pope spoke out against the actions of the accused, and that is what he should have done. He shouldn't judge or condemn, but leave that sort of thing to God alone. He did all he could do.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • I am satisfied with Pope Benedict XVI's handling of the child abuse scandal in Ireland.

    In speaking out against the actions of members of the clergy in Ireland, the Pope has taken a step in the right direction and a stand that many did not expect. It is not within his power to judge or condemn, and he has rightfully said that the perpetrators would be dealt with by God and those responsible for carrying out the functions of upholding the law on earth. He should not be expected to do more than this.

    Posted by: EveICy
  • Pope Benedict XVI responded firmly with concern for the victims, starting a process of change that will be ongoing.

    The Pope stated that there had been a pattern of protecting abusers in Ireland, and removed the heads of the dioceses involved. He met with the survivors of abuse and apologized to them. When he appoints the new bishops, he can choose people who will change the system, which will make the change continue into the future. Some criticize him that he did not remove more people, but it is better to change the head and let the new bishop figure out who to fire and who to keep.

    Posted by: P Whitney 87
  • Sexual misconduct at the highest level

    Benedict resigned due to a scandal he was involved in, before his participation was made public. More of the same appalling behavior of the good old boys in the church at the highest level. Shocking and disgusting abuse of power and morality. This church is obsolete and abusive and needs to be abolished.

  • Are you kidding yourselves?

    Nothing was done except a paint job. The wall of horror and deception still stands. This Pope and many to follow will never concede the fact that the entire Catholic Church must be revamped. The tolerance of guilt based teaching and the abuse of people rules over any ideas of bringing this church to a place of intolerance of those who are criminals within the church.

  • Pope Benedict XVI did not do a good job with any of the child abuse scandals, and he needs to do more for the prevention of the abuse.

    Scandals about child abuse within the Catholic Church have been going on long before Pope Benedict. The abuses have been well-documented, and there always seem to be new ones cropping up. Instead of going to Ireland to try to handle the situation there, he needs to be working throughout the structure of the church system to preventing these events from happening at all. The church is not serving their members by brushing away the scandals. They need to work for prevention of abuse.

    Posted by: RigidJamal55
  • Pope Benedict XVI did not do a satisfactory job in handling the child abuse scandal in Ireland, because it is an ongoing issue.

    Pope Benedict XVI did not do a satisfactory job in handling the child abuse scandal in Ireland, because it is an ongoing issue. It seems like he just ignored it, hoping that it would go away. There are also allegations that he tried to cover up the incident, which caused more harm.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • The child abuse scandal was not handled satisfactory, because it was merely sought to cover the scandal up.

    Pope Benedict XVI was surely embarrassed by the child abuse cases and allegations, as anyone would be. In his embarrassment, he sought to cover up the scandal, hoping it would all just go away, and that the Church would not lose members or respect in the world. However, I think this did more harm than good. What people really wanted was answers and justice, and they didn't get it.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • No, because it is still an ongoing issue that has not been resolved.

    Children all around the world, including Ireland, are still being abused by priests. Many of the priests who are accused of being abusers still remain in their positions in Ireland. They should be removed and kept away from children as soon as an accusation is made, and the accusation should be fully looked into by law enforcement.

    Posted by: LazyVan
  • The Pope did a terrible job handling the child abuse scandal in Ireland.

    The pope did not punish any of the priests found guilty of child molestation harshly enough. They should have been excommunicated from the church as were many others for much lesser offenses. There is no reason that these criminals should be allowed to preach morals to parishioners after committing such terrible acts.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • He is not doing a satisfactory job because he is not working to prevent child abuse.

    I think many fear that religious devotion has become a means to abuse children, not only males, but females as well. Additionally when one is expected to abstain from sex throughout their life, there may be issues that develop from refusing your body natural releases, that all humans would partake in without religion. With these fears, valid or not, the Pope needs to take steps to prevent child abuse, including psychological evaluations and stronger supervision practices.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Pope Benedict XVI did not do a satisfactory job in handling the child abuse scandal in Ireland, because responsibility was never taken.

    The child abuse scandal in Ireland seems to have become national. It seems as though all the Pope and church are doing is moving people around, and hoping that it will just go away. No one has admitted fault or taken responsibility. They seem to be protecting their good name, rather than the children that are at risk. He apologizes, but yet nothing is done. It's something that won't just go away, and there needs to be appropriate actions taken against this matter, which he didn't do.

    Posted by: boobop
  • The Pope did an unsatisfactory job at handling the child abuse scandal in Ireland, because it should never have become an issue in the first place.

    If the Catholic Church had bothered to properly punish abusive priests, rather than merely shuffling them around, then the priests in question would no longer have been associated with the Church and there would be no scandal. But because the Church was more concerned about protecting its image rather than the affected children, the priests remained with the Church, leaving it vulnerable to scandal. The fact that the Pope, before he became Pope, did not speak out against this is as damning as his belated condemnations of the abusive priests in question.

    Posted by: OsmoDemon

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