Did Pope John Paul II do enough to expel child abusers from the Catholic clergy?

  • yes he did

    Yes, I think that he did all that he could to get rid of these child abusers that were up in the catholic clergy. I think that it is very hard to find them all though, and that this is where he had a lot of trouble, since they hide.

  • Yes, I think Pope John Paul II did enough to expel child abuse from the clergy.

    Pope John Paul II went to great lengths to denounce child abuse in the Catholic church and he expelled a large number of people who participating in it, I believe he did everything he legitimately could do in his power, he had to do it because the entire Catholic faith was shaken by the accusations.

  • Ignored the problem

    As revered as John Paul II was as a Pope, he, like his successor, Benedict, never did enough to take care of the problem of child abusers working within the ranks of the Catholic church, instead making attempts to sweep the problem under the rug so the mass media wouldn't catch on.

  • They stil exist.

    No, Pope John Paul II did not do enough to expel child abusers from the Catholic clergy, because Pope John Paul II and the other leadership did not want to expose how bad the problems were. There are still a great number of child abusers in the Catholic church. This will not go away until Catholic priests are allowed to marry.

  • No, he didn't.

    Pope john Paul II did not do enough to expel child abusers from the Catholic clergy. He paid a lot of lip service and did bring some of them down, but this Pope was also involved in dozens of cover-ups and gave housing to child molesters in Vatican City. Not enough.

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