Did Pope Pius XII do enough to help Jewish populations during World War II?

  • Of course he did!

    Before I get into my evidence, I would like to rebut those who say he didn't, going from last to first. "[H]e was actually a friend of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's." Not so! Pius XII gave radio broadcasts and sermons denouncing Nazi activity. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, spoke harshly about Pius XII in his diary. That doesn't sound like friendly activity to me.
    Next, "Pius looked the other way because they were not Catholics." There is overwhelming evidence, from personal testimonies to photographs, that this is blatantly false. Pius XII quietly told his priests to do whatever they could to save the Jews, even while his own priests were being executed! In the Vatican, placards were put up on many of the religious and historical buildings, informing the Nazis that came through that they were not to touch the building, and that there were no Jews. The Nazis obeyed the placards, and the Jews, who were in fact hidden inside these same buildings, were saved. On Christmas of 1942, the New York Times ran an editorial in which the author said "This Christmas more than ever [Pius XII] is a lonely voice crying out of the silence of a continent." Furthermore, the editorial goes on, saying that "we realize that he is about the only ruler left on the Continent of Europe who dares to raise his voice at all. " Countless Jews, from Issac Herzog, the Chief Rabbi of Palestine, Albert Einstein, and Rabbi Israel Zolli (who later converted to Catholicism and took the baptismal name Eugenio, Pius XII's real name) have praised Pius's actions. He didn't look the other way because they weren't Catholic. He saved as many as he could despite them not being Catholic.

  • The Pope did plenty to help.

    Pope Pius XII did do enough to help Jewish populations during World War II. He arranged asylum for Jewish people. In addition, the Catholic church was one of the only organizations that spoke out against Nazis early on in the regime. People tend to forget these points, but the Pope helped plenty. It was not even his role to do so, and he still did.

  • Should Have Done More in Secret

    The Vatican has vast resources and should have done more, at least in secret, to aid Jews during World War II. Pope Pius XII was in a difficulty position because of the Vatican's location--Benito Mussolini's seat of government was in the same city as the Holy See. There must have been some kind of secret operation Pope Pius XII could have used in order to save more Jews during the Holocaust.

  • No, I don't think so

    I understand things were very different, he really didn't even come forward for a long time. If the Vatican's stance was officially neutral during the war, he didn't try hard enough. The Pope also had to think about what would have happened back then, Italy was not a safe place at that time.

  • He didn't stand up.

    No, Pope Pius XII did not do enough to help Jewish populations during World War II, because Catholics and Christians were part of the problem with murdering the Jews. Pius should have said something but he didn't. The Jewish populations suffered, and Pius looked the other way because they were not Catholics.

  • No, he did not

    Not only did he not enough to help Jewish populations during World War II, he was actually a friend of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's. He paid lip service to the Jews, but that was about all. When you weild that much power, more should be done, and he didn't.

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