Did President Obama 'divide' the country in 2012?

  • Yes. His entire platform feeds off of "Division".

    Obama is the Great Divider. From the media-sanctioned manufacture crisis of the "war on women", to his venomous rhetoric towards the wealthy "not paying their fair share", Obama has mastered the art of division. Why else was his entire 2012 campaign waged with relentless character attacks and insults against Romney? He carefully sorts people into those who depend on government programs and those who want to safeguard their wealth against another tax grab. Energy is either the good, green, and clean stuff he favors or it's the "dirtier air, dirtier water" that the Republicans want. In fact, almost all of Obama's political success owes to his addiction for dividing people into camps and appealing to one group by diminishing the other.

    Reagan, the Great Communicator, fostered prosperity for EVERYONE. Obama, the Great Divider, promotes taking the wealth from the few and giving to the many.

  • No, The Republicans Did

    Obama actually won the last election, which means more people voted for him. He tried to stick to a positive message, and it was actually Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who were saying "makers and takers" in public. When they got caught on that, they tried to blame Obama, and they failed miserably.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, Ever Election Is The Same.

    Every election is the same. How can anybody say that one person divides us when every election divides us. If anything, more people wanted the same thing, which was change. Most people were happy the wars were ending, most people want/need health care, most people want equality. You're either conservative or not, but to pin-point this on one person is absurd!


    Why am I explaining how he didn't divide the country? I can't prove a negative and I don't that anyone has ever offered a legitimate argument to make the case that he did or what evidence such a person would give.

    Just because a small minority scream "commie" and then scurry off to their safe zone, I don't think it's justified to say the country is divided, and it flies in the face of reason to suggest that is the President's fault.

  • People's Rights Over the Corporate Wrongs - 99% Power

    Imagine workers & retirees, families fighting foreclosure and the unemployed, students, immigrants & environmentalists joining together to take back our power from the corporate interests of the 1% ... AND WINNING.
    The majority of the people in the USA are finally waking up and realizing that the Republican Party is only for the wealthy. The Republicans and Tea Partiers and Libertarians in the Republican Party want to destroy the middle class for the Plutocracy. They don’t want Universal Health care that is sorely needed in America. They don’t want the minimum wage raised, which is sorely needed too. They try to scare everyone with his bogus nation debt scare, which he easily solved by taxing the wealthy as I explain below; and ending pulling all our troops from the middle east yesterday.
    The Republican Party does not care that over 20,000,000 jobs have been outsourced to third world countries where workers are paid less than 50 cents per hour with no overtime pay or benefits or vacation pay. This was done just to increase EPS – Earning per share so that billions more can be paid in dividends, mainly to the top 20% who own 93% of all the wealth in America; and, billion more in exorbitant salaries and egregious billions in bonuses to all those above the glass ceiling, while the workers who actually do most of the work, the 99%, are getting none of the increased earnings. Most of this wealth is actually owned by the top 1%; that is how the slogan the 99% came to be used. The 1% are getting everything and the 99% are being screwed.
    If Americans get lucky in 2014, we will win control of the House of Representatives and maintain control of the Senate. Then all the laws that should be passed will be passed: Ban on assault weapons, magazine limit of 9 bullets, Universal Health Care, increased Social Security Benefits, $20 per hour minimum wage, marginal tax rates on the those making over 350,000 of up to 92%, dividends and capital gains taxed at marginal rates up to 92% for all over $350,000, FICA taxes levied on capital gains and dividends. And, the trillions horded in trusts and estates taxed at a one-time rate of 99% for all trusts and estates over $1 million. Then these trusts and estates would be taxed at the same marginal rates as individuals on income they earn annually. All offshore bank accounts declared illegal. All tax loopholes that are only used by the wealthy eliminated. Home mortgage interest deduction limited to $36,000 per year for all residents and summer homes, vacation homes, etc., which will ensure that the middle class gets to claim all they pay in mortgage interest per year; but, wealthy will not on their multiple estates, etc.
    President Obama did not divide the country in 2012, he brought the middle class and poor together to beat the wealthy, those who represent the Republican Party.

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