Did President Obama make the perfect decision to launch airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria?

Asked by: harshildave31ef
  • Yes Finally! Took Him Long Enough!

    He should have been bombing from day one. Now ISIS is a sizable force and are dug in with USA supplied weapons. And sawing people's heads off while they're doing it. That's the only reason O is getting involved, because those videos went viral and public opinion changed. But he's a terrible president, so what do you expect?

  • Yes. Launching airstrikes against ISIS In Syria is the right call.

    ISIS is a dangerous threat to the Middle-East and to the United States. Ignoring the threat posed by ISIS, which has already claimed territory in Iraq and Syria through violent, militant means, is clearly a mistake, especially since it has ambitions to spread throughout the entire region and into Northern Africa and Europe. ISIS has already declared that intends to attack the United States and other nations. Nations ignore ISIS at their own peril.

  • On the Ground

    The U.S. Army needs to be on the ground because ISIS could be hiding in innocent peoples homes, churches, schools and more. Plus, ISIS could steal the planes we use or the bombs if they diffuse them and they may drop it on the U.S.A. So we should be On the ground.

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