Did President Obama make the right decision in launching airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria?

  • Yes. Launching airstrikes against ISIL In Syria is the right call.

    ISIL is a dangerous threat to the Middle-East and to the United States. Ignoring the threat posed by ISIL, which has already claimed territory in Iraq and Syria through violent, militant means, is clearly a mistake, especially since it has ambitions to spread throughout the entire region and into Northern Africa and Europe. ISIL has already declared that intends to attack the United States and other nations. Nations ignore ISIL at their own peril.

  • Yes the President did make the correct decision to attack ISIS in Syria.

    Yes the President did make the correct decision in choosing to launch air strikes into Syria, against ISIS. The actions and conduct of ISIS in the Middle East present a clear and present danger to the interest of the United States, and our allies, in the region. ISIS cannot be allowed to become a controlling party in the area.

  • He had to fight back.

    Yes, Obama made the right decision in launching airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria, because there is a Holocaust happening in that country and in Iraq, and we are just standing by and watching it happen. Obama needs to swallow his pride and realize that pulling out of Iraq so soon did not work. Innocent people are suffering. We have to step in.

  • Yes, ISIS is an immediate threat.

    Yes, ISIS is a threat that needs to be disbanded as soon as possible. The purpose of being in the Middle East for so long was to implement a secure government in those countries in order to prevent terrorist or extremist groups from taking over the government and population. The group ISIS has significantly threatened the United States and needs to be disbanded.

  • No, the airstrikes in Syria will not defeat ISIS.

    Once again, the United States is trying to defeat a loosely affiliated group of fundamentalists. ISIS appears to have little when it comes to a hierarchy which can be dismantled from the top down. The potential for mission creep severely goes up when the enemy is not a nation state.

  • Watch his blunder create more terrorism.

    It's like banging your head against a rock expecting the rock to give way before you do. Bush did it and the same things happen. Civilians get killed, people get MORE polarized and annoyed with the US and we create MORE terrorism. We get stuck, rather neatly, spinning away in sand, spending MORE money we don't have, sacrificing MORE American lives, and destabilizing the region even more than we already have.

    When was the last time a population got bombed and left the experience thinking, "Gee, I sure am glad the Americans bombed us. I feel so much safer."

    If people honestly think this is a moral issue they should take their heads out of the red, white and blue sand and realize that Mexico regularly has mass slaughterings - entire towns get razed! Yet we do nothing.

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