Did Putin make an error when he stopped food imports from the nations which imposed sanctions on Russia?

  • Yes, Russia's people will suffer for his decision

    Ultimately, Russia imports well over half of its food. Many Russian cities import over 80 percent of their food.

    The Russian people will suffer due to food shortages.

    China cannot pick up the slack, as they are a net importer of food as well.

    The United States might lose some economic strength in agriculture, but this will likely result in lower supermarket prices for American consumers.

    Ultimately, Putin has done with his sanctions what the West would have enjoyed doing, but lacked the will to be so anti-humanitarian.

    Putin has no such reservations. To his people's detriment.

    His days are numbered. Revolution or a military coup in Russia is nearly inevitable within the next five years.

    At the very least, the Russian military machine and social indoctrination organizations will be hurt by this.

    It could be a ploy by Putin to increase military recruitment, with the promise of 3 hots and a cot, which could ultimately lead to a greater armed conflict, but Russian economic leaders are not eager for this.

    Putin may feel war is his only recourse, or at least a major increase in military strength.

    Hopefully, the Russian economy will collapse heavily in the coming months, and we will see actual calls for social change in Russia.

    More likely, we will see a revamped national militarism, and the rise of authoritarian fascism, though it will be labeled something else, as the Russians "hate" fascists.

    Ultimately, though, Russia has been badly damaged economically, and will continue to suffer for their choices. We will see what Putin's inevitable replacement makes of this mess.

  • No he did not:

    "Russian President Vladimir Putin's approval ratings soared to an all-time high of 87% this week, leaving just 13% of his countrymen and women shaking their heads at the man who's helped send eastern Europe into crisis.

    President Putin's high rating comes on the heels of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 — hit by a rocket believed to be fired by pro-Russian rebels using a system provided by Russia — and as thousands of Russian troops amass at Ukraine's border."

    Russians approve of Putin by and large.

  • He didn't have a choice.

    If he we're to take western sanctions lying down, he would have lost face within his own country and government, not to mention that it would have seemed to the rest of the world that he was only making empty threats. They have repeatedly said that if the west applies sanctions they will stop all Russian gas to Europe- it seems to me that this was done in order to justify avoiding that extreme, which would have hurt both sides significantly.
    The fact is that until now Russia has been doing everything in their power (while also trying to keep face as a super-power) to keep relations between the EU and them good, the US seems to be the only one's really pressing for escalations.

  • The whole point of leadership is having a leader who wont back down.

    While it is insane that he would deny food imports into Russia, I kind of understand where he is coming from, and would have done the same myself. For whatever reason, the United States seems to think that it can tell everyone what to do, I have NO idea who gave them that idea, but, apparently, Putin is the ONLY one that seems to think otherwise, and has took a stand. Therefore, I find him very humorous and entertaining and look forward to more of his shindigertons. Lol Does that make me "anti-american"? No, not at all. I just don't understand why we focus our attention to areas where it isn't necessary and focus on trying to get our own base in order. Creating more jobs here, battling poverty here, giving our veterans the treatment they deserve here...And the list goes on for miles.

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