Did Quentin Tarantino create a film genre of his own?

  • He clearly has.

    Technically he HAS created his own genre because I've asked multiple people on what genre he is and nobody can come to a collective decision. Neither can the Internet and people all over the world either, evidently. Yes he's created films that could be specified as westerns, actions, gore etc. but he doesn't stick to one set genre, so it's hard to tell. There's just /something/ about his films that make people tick. He's a talented director, writer, actor and person in general.

  • Unique filmaking style

    He is for sure different in style , I do not know any film maker who makes films exactly like him , so he's unique in that way ...Asfar as genre ..It's debatable as to label his film is difficult as it is a big ecleptic mix ..So in a way he has, in a way he hasnt ..

  • The Future Lies Ahead...

    History proves that great minds are often misunderstood by the people within their own era & society. The controversy that is being stirred up by his films and unique way of film-making is already in the history books and will continue to go down in film history. No one before has presented a film as a historical/action drama and then drastically changed history! I mean, Hitler got shot in the face 30 plus times in Inglorious Basterds! Have you ever seen a film about War World Two where Nazi Germany is taken down by American/British forces and where Hitler's face is pumped full of lead by an American Jew?

  • Yes, He should direct his own genre of movie.

    Quentin Tarantino has given us homages to the heist film, the gangster film, and the kung-fu film, among others. It is time that he should create his own genre of film that sparks a revolution in the industry, as Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo style did for the written word.

    Tarantino is more than capable of creating his own genre, as he is more than well-versed in cinematic history.

  • A style all his own.

    Yes, Tarantino did create a film genre of his own. Though he does admit that he enjoys a certain type of movie genre, he still puts his "label" on that genre that is completely unique to Tarantino. So he does borrow concepts from other films in a similar genre, but I believe he changes those styles enough to be called something all it's own.

  • Yes, all great film makers do

    Isn't that the mark of a great filmmaker? They take what has come before and make it new and fresh. Tarantino has taken various genres of film and made them new and interesting again...adding his own personal touches and ideas to old stand bys. I am not sure what this "new" film genre is called, but you know a Tarantino film when you see one. How many other films can you say that about?

  • He created a /style/, and relegated many genres of film.

    The question of genre when in reference to Tarantino could easily be applied to the idea of whether Kafka or Orwell or Shakespeare created their own genres, of which they did not. Each are distinguishable by their styles, and while they may have done much for a particular field of the arts, or relegated a genre (that is, progressing it and adding certain new textures that may not have been considered before), they did not suddenly create new genres. If something is Kafkaesque, it is defined by particular aspects such as government ambiguity and domineering father figures; if something is Orwellian, a work is particularly defined by a prevalence of security and government interference, a skepticism of Soviet-era Communism; if something is Shakespearean, it is likely defined by having the quality of universality, is poetic, and poetic in that it follows iambic pentameter. None of these are genres, but particular qualities and styles, and the same could be said of Tarantino. He had undoubtedly created a style that is incredible unique to his particular vision as a director, a style that refurbishes the old, makes frequent homages, and revels in comedic and cathartic ultra-violence, but you will not see on Netflix a particular list that says, "Tarantino" in reference to it as a genre. You do not make a film and say that it is of the genre that is Tarantino, but that it is Tarantinoesque, for this matter, Tarantino did not create his own genre.

  • There's no such thing as genre, BUT...

    First of all there is no such thing as genre. But if we're talking about that archaic idea used by advertising and marketing agencies to better classify the product their selling then all of Tarantino's films easily fit within a genre. Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, Crime. Inglorious Basterds is technically a horror film in the monster sub genre. Django Unchained, is technically a revenge film wrapped in a western just as Kill Bill is revenge wrapped with Kung Fu/Samurai aesthetics. The small list continues... As does a resounding NO. There is no such thing as a Tarantino genre, as there is no such thing as Genre, and don't even get me started on Tarantino's shortlist of influences that makes him seem not entirely original whatsoever.

  • No, his work spans many genres.

    No, Quentin Tarantino did not create a film genre of his own, but his films span so many genres, his work cannot be said to fit any one particular type of film. This is complimentary of him. His work is diverse, which cannot be said of all directors. He is a legend, but he has not created a genre of his own.

  • What film genre are you talking about?

    Quentin Tarantino has his own style of film-making and writing, just like other great directors. Examples of genres are western, horror, comedy, action, drama, etc. There is no Tarantino-genre. He combines genres just like other directors do sometimes. You can take any movie Tarantino has made, and you can find a movie made before it that has used similar genre combinations.

  • I don't see it

    Clearly I'm in the minority here, but I don't get it. While the talent and ability to convey a vision are things I won't take away from Tarantino because his success speaks for itself, I don't see how he changed movies forever. Or, at least, I don't see how he did things that would have never happened without him. Fantastic at what he does and deserves all the praise he gets, don't get me wrong, but I think saying he's singlehandedly responsible for a genre is a little silly.

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