Did race influence the 2008 United States presidential election?

  • It helped Obama.

    2008 saw record turnout among black voters and an unprecedented 97% of them voted for Obama. That, combined with many white voters' need to prove they were not racist or standing in the way of progress helped Obama win in 2008 (and 2012). When you look at the democratic primary results from 2008, you see that Clinton would have won if she could have gotten half of the black vote. Because blacks rallied around Obama and gave him 95% of their votes in the primary as well, it can be shown that race was a big boost for him.

  • In this generation...

    With the new voters that just became able to vote, race greatly affected the polls because of them. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate politics and anything that has to do with them. But I am in high school right know and I see it all the time how people treat other people differently because of their race. Mostly it is everyone allies with darker skinned people, because their 'cooler' or something stupid along those lines. I try to love everyone, but in high school, that is probably the hardest thing in the world to do. When people saw Obama run for office, they wanted to make him president since all they care about is him being black. I have nothing against Obama or people of a different race, I am just saying that race can definitely affect a young persons vote today.

  • Race had everything

    To do with the presidential election in 2008. If people would have listened to the two sides, and did research on each president there is no way Obama should have won. As he is showing now he hasn't kept the promises he made, because the promises he made were unreasonable for any one president to do. If he wasn't black he wouldn't have won

  • Race Influences Voting

    Its the first time somebody that wasn't white, finally won the right to run the country. That gives people of color hope for equality. I personally love the fact that there is black president. It gives me hope that the country is headed towards the right path. Whether he could do good or bad, I voted for him, so he gets a chance to run the country.

  • If

    you look at the question, you can tell instantly that the answer must be yes. Sure, race may not have had a massive influence, and there may even have been things that had more of an influence, but it definitely had an influence. Pretty much all of my friends' parents said something along the lines of "We're voting for Obama because he's black" (paraphrased).

  • Yes it did

    Some of the arguments for Obama (and even a few against) were entirely based on race.

  • The presence of a black candidate encouraged black people to vote.

    The numbers show that, when Obama ran for President, more black people showed up to vote then had done so in previous years. The fact that it was not only a race of white men gave the black community a chance to feel represented and involved, and they responded by becoming involved.

    Posted by: SloppyRaphael88
  • Race absolutely influenced the 2008 election. as it was constantly mentioned in the media and by political pundits.

    Race was a constant theme throughout the 2008 election, due to the prospect that Barack Obama would become the first black President. Obama's race ensured one of the highest black voter turnout rates ever, and those blacks voted overwhelmingly, an incredible 96%, for Obama. This had a certain impact on the outcome of the election.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • I agree that race was a major factor in the 2008 election, due to the fact he was the first African-American to be a major party's nominee.

    I agree, for the simple fact that Oprah Winfrey helped promote Obama's campaign in the election, which swayed a lot of voters in his direction. If he wasn't black, Oprah Winfrey would not have helped him. Also, being the first African-American to be a major party's nominee, if anyone tried to say anything about race, the black people in this country would call it "racism". Where I live, the blacks called you "racist" if you didn't vote for him, because they knew it was because he was black.

    Posted by: AstonishingNathaniel42
  • Race and gender both played a big part in the 2008 election because, despite who would have won, it sent a message of equality.

    Regardless of who won the election, it was going to be a first for the U.S. We were either going to elect a woman as Vice President, or an African-American as President. Although I thought Obama was the most qualified, and I mainly voted for him because of that reason, there was also a little part of me that wanted to be a part of a historical vote. Not to mention, my vote was also partially against Sarah Palin. Race most definitely played a part of the election, as it sent a message of racial equality.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • Racism is still present in our country, if it had been the influence a white man would have won.

    The candidates available presented a choice to America that could have demonstrated racism but the country voted more about character and personality which was in itself a victory for everyone. The majority of voting for a woman or a man did not come exclusively from that sector of voters--nor for the black candidate. Its anybody's game now (as long as they are rich)!

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • No, race did not influence presidential election since Obama won.

    It does not reflect that race was the factor in presidential election. It was an open election like any other election. Obama won because of his dynamic approach and strong speech. His agenda was clear and he was good enough to convey his message to common American people and has a natural leader in him.

    Posted by: TownMaso
  • Yes and no at the same time

    Yes in that he was the first black president, but had he been Rep., he would have been scoffed as a race traitor. But to many who don't believe in that labeling, black con or liberal, he was the first of their kind to be president, so it was an achievement, even if they didn't agree with his beliefs.

  • Race wasn't a factor...

    Because we, the people of America, have our own votes based on our own opinions not just judged by the color of a persons skin. Whosoever believes this is clearly only cares about the color of a persons skin. Obama is president because he cares about America and wants to help the people of America.

  • I believe that race had little impact on the presidential election in 2008 and that other factors had a greater influence.

    The presidential election of 2008 was not influenced by race so much as by the difference in the ability of the two candidates to relate to modern forms of communication. Mr. Obama had a better grasp of how to use the internet to his benefit and was able to reach many young voters that John McCain could not. President Obama has a very good education and knew how to work the people to obtain his desired results. I do not believe he would have fared any better or worse had he been white.

    Posted by: FairMckinley99
  • Race did not influence the 2008 election because the American people look past race and vote based on the issues at hand.

    I feel the American people are a strong group of people and we base our decisions about who will help the country the most. We do not base our votes or our decisions by the color of a person's skin. Our current President won the election because of his passion to help America, and everyone saw that.

    Posted by: TabooReyes
  • I do not agree one bit that the 2008 United States presidential election was influenced by race because although a few people might have been influenced by the race factor there wasn't enough to affect the final decision.

    I refuse to believe that in one of the biggest developed democratic economy of the world, the 2008 United States presidential election can be influenced by race. A few people could get influenced by the race factor but not the population of an entire country. I mean come on now. President Obama won because he deserved to win. Obama won the hearts of millions leading him to victory. A different candidate may have lost in spite of being black.

    Posted by: WittyRud

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