• Racism is the reason for the escalation of the situation.

    The 2 white residents involved were yelling racial slurs and derogatory (racially charged statements) of why those black children didn't belong in the area. A great deal of those black children had already resided there, but it was assumed that they belonged in "Section 8" housing due to the stereotype that black people are lazy, and therefore, poor. The host of the party had explained that he invited those people, as they were his friends.

    The white residents had even lied saying that the children stole a truck, regardless of there being no report of any missing or stolen vehicles in that area on that day.

  • It was a racially charged incident.

    The events that brought the cops there seem to be racial and the youths there clearly felt that it was racial. The cops failed to recognize this, one in particular. The initial group they sat down being all black could have been coincidental but by onlookers it was interpreted as racial the cops should have noticed and devalued the situation and gave the kids that where actually polite a warning to listen cops next time and let them leave then the rest wouldn't have occurred. It isn't even clear why the cops wanted to keep them around they don't seem to have been involved in the incident and the cops should have been telling them to go home and disperse. The girl did cross the line with the officer and continued to resist but the force he used was clearly excessive. Pulling his gun was standard procedure when a potential that comes at you like the young man did. I learned in my college days that once a cop sees you don't run just walk if the cop tells you to stop you stop until he tells you other wise. Never insult or be anything less than polite or compromise there authority and never ever get within arms reach of a cop without them telling you to. Cops are rarely gentle when arresting some one especially when you resist. Resisting is anything other than cooperating you shouldn't be saying anything unless asked you shouldn't be posting you're arrest that comes later. If the girl hasn't resisted she would have been released shortly. Yeah cops shouldn't do that but you also have the ability to give them no reason to.

  • It's an unfortunate reality

    Sadly racism is still prevalent in our modern day; not just towards "race" in particular, but overall stereotyping. There was nothing I could see that would warrant that type of force. Though we have made leaps and bounds towards overcoming racism, it is still very much a reality today. I think if the tables were turned and this was a caucasion neighbourhood, the situation would have been diffused in a much different manner.

  • Texas Pool Pary Racism

    The Texas pool party incident was obviously fueled by racism at the core. The teenagers were in no way being threatening or harmful, yet weapons were pulled on them. If white teenagers threw a pool party in an affluent neighborhood, the chance the police would be called to the scene is much lower and there it is very doubtful that police would treat them as harsh as the black teenagers.

  • Yes, it did play a role to some degree

    Yes, I do feel that racism played a part in the Texas pool party incident -- from all or most of the individuals involved, on both sides. However, I do not feel that that was the only factor involved, even though the media has, in many cases, implied that it was the only relevant issue.

  • Not That I Can Tell

    The media is attempting to paint this incident as a racial conflict, but I don't think it is. According to the witnesses not being publicized by the media, this is far from a racial case. It is a case of over a hundred teens trespassing into a private community pool. Residents claim there was drinking, fighting, profanity, and drugs. Once the police arrived on scene, the teens tried to run, and the police tried to detain the troublemakers. The video leaves out hundreds of variables, like what the teens are saying and doing off camera, and some of the variables in the video are simply being overlooked, like the fact that Casebolt draws in response to teen who seems to be reaching for a gun. This case will quickly be run through the mud, like so many others.

  • The problem is twofold.

    Police is a monopoly, currently out of control because, like all monopolies, they don't care very much what their clients want of them.
    The majority of black youth is a product of people being conditioned to depend on government redistribution of resources, which have caused irresponsible childbearing and an entitled mentality.

    Solution: Privative security forces. Reduce government welfare so that private charities can organize themselves, in a gradual manner, until complete government welfare abolishment does not cause an unmanageable chaos.

  • Here we go again.

    Why does it always have to be about race? It seems that the only ones making an issue out of this are minorities. Does racism exist? Certainly. But you have a group of people crying racism every time things don't go their way. And don't even get me started on Al (not so sharp) Sharpton. If there was no money involved, he would be silent on this issue. 9 times out of 10, claims of racism are based on nothing more than the political clout someone can get, or as a way to line their pockets. Or both. Don't believe the hype. If the race baiters had their way, they would be able to use the race card to excuse any and all behavior that might otherwise get them in trouble. The burden of proof should always be on the one making the claim. Guilty until proven innocent seems to be the way minorities want things these days. This is not the America I want to live in.

  • Criminals are treated like criminals.

    Although I'll happily say the cop shouldn't have drawn his gun, this had absolutely nothing to do with racism. The kids ran from the police after asked to stop, hardly cooperated, and resisted. This happens to people of any ethnicity. Just because the kids acting out were black and the cop was white doesn't automatically mean it's racism.

  • Race was not a factor.

    McKinney Texas is an upper class prodominently white but relatively diverse suburb of Dallas Texas. Located in McKinney is the Craig ranch community and located in the Craig ranch community is a community pool. The pool is for members of the community gilt. A member can bring up to 2 guests. There was a misunderstanding and a girl united 100+ out of town friends for a pool party. When they were not allowed in because they were not community members some of the pool party goers jumped the fence to get in. Witnesses say the pool party goers harassed pool goers who were not part of the pool party group. The police were called and thingsgot out of hand. When told to sit down on grass some of the pool party teens ran away. One girl kept getting up after told to sit by a cop. The cop still overreacted. He should not have thrown around a much weeker nearly naked girl no matter how difficult she was being. If these teens had done as told we wouldn't even know that Craig ranch existed. Misbehavior on both sides was a factor but not race.

  • Not until I see evidence saying so

    It looks to me it's "guilty until proven innocent" rather than the other way around. Every time a black person is involved, it always has to be about racism. There is no evidence that I know of that says this whole panic was racially charged other than that the kid happens to be black. Until i see more evidence, this is all just another media panic over a random arrest repeating a scenario (cops breaking up a party) that happens all the time.

  • No Racism At The Pool

    What happened in Texas is unfortunate, but let's look at the things that happened leading up to the police pushing the teen to the ground and waving his gun. A pool party was going on where people were there who were not invited. People were at the pool who were not suppose to be there. A security guard tried to stop people from entering the pool to no avail. In my opinion, the officer was just trying to maintain order.

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