Did Rashan Gary make the right decision by signing with Michigan to play football?

  • He gets to play with a great and competitive coach.

    Michigan showed with the signing of Jim Harbaugh that it is serious about bringing back its football program. Harbaugh is a great coach that did well with the 49ers and greatly improved Michigan in his first year, and with the ability to bring in his style of players, he should improve them even more. Michigan should be a Big Ten contender within the next several years.

  • Rashan Gary to Michigan

    Michigan has always been a powerhouse football program. So I would have to say that Rashan Gary made the right decision by signing with Michigan to play football. If he's a top tier player, then he should have no problem getting some playing time even as a freshmen. Michigan is an extremely competivite football program as well.

  • Yes, Gary made the right decision.

    Rashan Gary is a "can't miss" talent. Going to Michigan ensured that he would play under a top-notch coach in a premier conference at a school that is one of the most recognizable in all of the nation. He will play against some of the best competition possible, meaning that he will be more than prepared to make the jump to the NFL when that time comes.

  • He made the right decision for himself.

    I think Michigan football is on the rise with Jim Harbaugh as the head coach. I am not a Michigan fan, and I still think Rashan Gray made a good choice. These players are under a lot of pressure during recruitment, and he made the best decision for him and his family.

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