• Rand Paul was ignored.

    Rand Paul, though different from his father, Ron, shared almost exact political views making his ideology a libertarian. Rand was ignored by the media and his views censored because he posed a significant threat to the establishment, and the corporations that fund the media. The liberty movement continues to grow and attract young voters everyday and will eventually become a reality. People are realizing that the government has no right to tell people what to do and the games they play on citizens. Our foreign policy is imperialistic and needs o be changed, and people are understanding this now.

  • No, he's a libertarian

    Like his father Ron Paul, he is a libertarian, which is a minority in the political system. There are too much loyal democrats and republicans in the USA. Not enough libertarians or moderate/independents who support him to really be a real threat to the republicans or democrats. Libertarianism hardly exist anymore.

  • Senator Paul never had a chance in the presidential race.

    Neither Ron (2008/2012) or his son Rand (2016) ever had a legitimate chance to become the president of the United States. While their respective ideologies were shared by a passionate voterbase, neither candidate ever received much support from the GOP establishment. In today's two-party system, this support from the establishment is essential to having a chance to become president.

  • Rand Paul's Libertarian Views Prevented Him From Getting Mainstream Support

    Much like his father, Rand Paul was simply unable to get enough support from the mainstream Republicans, and the Libertarian wing within the Party isn't large enough to sustain a candidate on its own. Republican candidates that are currently generating support and enthusiasm such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have very conservative views on social issues such as same-sex marriage and religious freedom, while Rand Paul would support freedom to choose on most social issues.

  • He never had a lot of support.

    Rand Paul never had a chance in the presidential race because his ideas are very different from that of the rest of the conservative base. He never had a lot of support in the polls. Even though he finished in fifth place in Iowa, he realized that he would never get anywhere and withdrew himself from consideration.

  • Rand Paul did not have any chance at all at the presidency

    Let's face it, after the George Bush fiasco, no Republican has even a minuscule chance of winning the White House. They are delusional if they think otherwise. There must be some perks though because several of them keep popping up in the presidential race knowing they have no chance. Rand Paul is one such candidate. It makes no sense why he keeps doing it. It's a waste of money, time and resources.

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